Hi! Im 23 and love making things. I like to have unique items, that I know nobody else can have... simply because it is my creation.

MUSIC...MUSIC...MUSIC. I love just about all music. With the exception of country music. Dont get me wrong there are some country songs that I love. However, it is mostly old country songs... they are the best. LA LA LA

I love hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. Going to concerts, chillin at the house watching a movie. Im laid back and like to have a good time.

Im trying to find myself through crafts and expanding my horizons. Opening my eyes to the world... Im reading up on Chakras... and meditation... quite intresting. Just have to really apply myself. In addition to making crafts... I work 40 hrs a week... and am going to start going to college. Woo. So I think that I need my crafts to try and stay stress free... and not lose myself in all the craziness!

Any questions... ask me!
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