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Sleeve Skirt
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Sleeve Skirt
A cute springy skirt made from the sleeves of two old men's button-downs.

I was amazed at how easy this was to make - I finished it quickly in one evening! It's also extremely simple to get a perfect fit, so it's very customizable. Since the joined cuffs make the waistband, I sewed all the plackets shut except for one so they'd lie flat. The single open placket makes the skirt easy to put on and take off! Also, all it takes are the sleeves, so you've got the rest of the shirts to do other stuff with!

Ah, I'm in love.

(SO many thanks to Threadbanger for the inspiration:

Diy: Skirt From Dress Shirt!!

Diy: Skirt From Dress Shirt!!

grab that cute dress shirt and make it a cuter skirt!!!

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Men's Shirt Into A Chic Skirt

Men's Shirt Into A Chic Skirt

How To Turn A Men's Shirt Into A Chic Skirt

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Button Up Shirt Into Skirt

Button Up Shirt Into Skirt

Time for dancing.

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Skirt From Men's Button Down

Skirt From Men's Button Down

A lovely high waisted skirt.

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Hello, I Want Show You How To Made Easy Skirt :)

Hello, I Want Show You How To Made Easy Skirt :)

Skirt DIY sewing

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Elastic Skirt From Plaid Shirt

Elastic Skirt From Plaid Shirt

Another way to make a great fall skirt with just an old plaid shirt from your local thrift store!

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The Twins
The Twins · 9 projects
brooksie for live!!!!
Erin O.
Erin O. · Chicago, Illinois, US · 10 projects
Thanks! This wasn't my own creation so I didn't want to make a how-to for fear of it seeming as though I was taking credit. I used this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FNnHncNYXQ

Here are some tips for the cuffs though:

For cutting, I ripped out the flat-felled seams in the sleeves and when I got to the cuffs I just cut through them, going with the straight line I was cutting.

I then measured my waist, and trimmed off the edges of the sleeves as needed to get a perfect fit.

Then I had to arrange them according to how the plackets were spaced - it's sort of hard to explain but I just recommend playing around with the placement of each of the sleeves until you get something you like. Mine isn't exactly like the one in the tutorial, after all.

Then I just pinned right sides together and sewed a normal straight seam. When I was done, I pressed them all flat and topstitched just in the cuff area along the seam allowance so the seams would lie flat in the waistband.

I had some problems with gaping in the plackets, so I sewed them all shut except one.
Hushgirl · Edgemere, Maryland, US · 8 projects
This is very cool! Great colors too! Can you make it a how to? I get the basics, but I could use a little detail when it comes to dealing with the cuffs... Happy

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