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Mercy thy name be a bullet
Love sculpting and I love zombies. So y not sculpt zombies right? So here's the deal, I'm not so good at sculpting with polymer clay, never have been but I'm getting better. I recently found a push mold for a woman/fairy and I had to buy it. Brush a little talcum powder into the mold with a small soft brush and tap out the excess. Don't blow it out u will get it in your eyes. Follow the instructions for rolling out and forming the clay into the molds and pop out the pieces u intend to use. I didn't mold anything below her pelvis because her lower half was going to b covered. Once shes molded, modify her to your liking, she shouldn't have to look exactly like the mold, where's the fun in that? Bake according to your clays instructions. I used white clay and painted her because buying several colors can get pricey quick.
The bed was sketched out on paper coat hanger wire was then cut, bent and super glued with an addition of thinner twisted wire for strength and decoration. The bed is all decked out like a real bed, my phone broke so I don't have all the pics anymore. There is ribbon glued as the support for the mattress like a real old timey bed or chair. The mattress is a large yellow car washing sponge I cut with an electric knife with the bread guide on, u kno for lumbar support. I made a cover for it with an old white shirt and splattered it with paint to appear as if this zombie had been writhing around a lot in this one spot. I tied the wrists and neck to the bed frame and put superglue on it to harden and appear tightly stretched. I took a strip of sponge and placed it were her legs would b. I cut out a "sheet" for her and wet it in a water and white glue solution so it would harden in place and avoid peepers looking for her legs. I dabbed red and brown paint on it while it was wet so it would spread out. I tied more hemp cord around her lower torso
Now for the explanation or story. Most zombie movies have a major downfall for the characters built in the story. A loved one gets bitten and they say "hey that's my loved one, surely they wont turn" and inevitably they do and everyone gets infected because he or she escapes or bites someone. This is Sarah. She enjoyed walks in the park, kittens and sushi, now she just wants your flesh and really, is that so bad? Lol


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hannah g.
hannah g. · Horten, Vestfold, NO · 74 projects
well, i must say, this is phenominal work....looks like while ive been gone from cut out and keep, youve gotten even better in your craft (so im off to look at everything else you made while i was gone)
Sarah K.
Sarah K.
Just awesome !!!
Pixel junkie
Pixel junkie · Oakland, California, US · 66 projects
love it! love everything about it!
Kathy Gregson
Kathy Gregson · Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, DE · 5 projects
Wow, this looks horrible! ( in a good way!!!) Happy

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