I've been making things since before I could walk, and I'll probably die with a needle and thread in my hand. I love all kinds of crafts, but my favorite to make is recycling old things into new things. Usually the old things are t-shirts, but they can become anything from a new shirt to a purse or backpack to jewelry or even a cute little zombie plush. I also make jewelry and plushie monsters out of recycled plastic felt.

A lot of my crafts have a horror or 'geekery' theme to them. I love all things Halloween, and I'm hoping to eventually design costumes professionally. As far as my nerdy alter ego, I'm more into sci-fi and superheroes than fantasy, but I like to dip my toes into lots of different geeky subcultures. Some of my favorites are Doctor Who and Star Wars, but I also love all things Batman, X-Men, Supernatural, and Walking Dead (although I haven't had a chance to read the graphic novels yet). I have a soft spot for really awful B-movies, and just mentioning Stephen King has been known to strike up instant friendships.

I'm very in touch with my inner child, so I try to inject a little fun into everything I make. I have a growing toy collection that I often use as inspiration for my work.

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No problem, you do some amazing work. I love the little Edgar Allan Poe with his tiny desk!