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Magnet Project

This idea that I got from the great craft blog, Not Martha. They are homemade magnet sets made from recycled magazines as well as online Images I located on Google Image search.
The supplies needed for this project I picked up at Michael’s and consisted of one tube of clear drying glue like the one seen here.

The glass balls are actually the marbles that people use to make flower arrangements. They do have some in the mosaic section of the store, but I found these in the flower arranging section which gave me more pieces for less money. Little magnets are also available there in packs of 20 or more. I also did a little spin on the magnet idea and created some pushpins using thumb tacks to glue to the back of the pictures. While Not Martha recommended using a circle stencil to cut out the images, I found that just generally cutting out the images and then gluing down the marbles and then trimming up the edges after the dried to be the best process for me. I feel like this way I got just the right angle from the marbles which were not exactly round in the first place.



Personalised Marble Magnets

♥ 12
Glass Bead Fridge Magnets

Glass Bead Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets are FUN!

♥ 10
Marble Magnets

Marble Magnets

Marble Magnets

♥ 25
Pretty Magnets

Pretty Magnets

because magnets should be fun.

♥ 18
Flower Magnets

Flower Magnets

cute magnets for a present, or yourself!

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Glass Bead Magnets

Glass Bead Magnets

Everyone likes magnets, why not custom make them for all your friends!

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Grace D
Grace D · London, GB · 83 projects
I lurve Not Martha x
Tami · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 17 projects
Kat did this exact project before. It's on here if you want to look (:

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