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A good meal for lasting energy!
So I found some dried kelp in a package at our local Asian food market and had to have it. I love seaweeds in general, but this was absolutely amazing!
Unlike seaweed that you find wrapped around your sushi rolls, this stuff is thick and has a consistency of cooked mushrooms instead of thin stringiness. It's delicious and when cooked it makes a delicious broth as well with no need to add salt.
I used about 2 leaves of kelp and a handfull of mushrooms and chopped onion to make a broth. Within 20 minutes of simmering the broth was a nice brown and smelled divine! I added some squares of tofu and a handfull of chopped leek to the mix and let it cook for over an hour.
Near the end when I could't stand to wait any longer, I made some dumplings and served it up.
I was not hungry for HOURS after. Like, for a lot of hours. I think I ate this around noon and didn't get hungry until after 6 pm!
This stuff is great for you too (minus the sodium content, of course) with all its vitamins and iodine (which is essential for a healthy metabolism).

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