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Revival of the Ancient!!
The first piece of my minicollection for me, finaly (it took some weeks to make it) :) inspired by ancient wallpapers, lampshades, curtains and stuff... and the music of Gogol Bordello!!!
The idea for the skirt is from a spanish pattern magazine. but i made the pattern myself because i lost the pattern sheets... :(
Originally, i wanted to make a triple layered balloon skirt, so each flounce should be turned over, but it looked way too puffy so i cut the flounces into two pieces... well, maybe i will do another one of this skirt and sell it!
now the first mini-flounce is balloon-like, the other two flounces are single-layered.
i sewed on a silver lace at the bottom of the yoke which can be knotted at the side and ends in two tassels (i´m so in love with them)
The fabrics are black taffeta i bought for just 1.50 euros per metre, black/silver paisley jacquard (it was like hell to sew it because the weave is so loose) and black twill for the lining of the yoke (i like to use rough-textured fabrics like cotton twill for the inside of the yoke because taffeta will slip and the skirt will be at my waist, not covering my backside...)
Collection hopefuy continues with some trousers when my tests and fashion show are over in may :( such a long time....

oh, if somebody likes, i can add a how-to!!

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midnightx · Hong Kong, HK · 3 projects
please tell me theres a how to Tongue
The Mad Hattress
The Mad Hattress · 5 projects
that is gorgeous!! ^-^
Gushi Soda.
Gushi Soda. · Hobart, Tasmania, AU · 6 projects
I would love it if you add a how to!!

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