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Have you ever been to an american wedding? Where is the vodka, where is marinated herring?!
last year, my boyfriend, a friend and me saw the amazing gogol bordello in concert again. and i bought another big shirt to transform into a dress.
i started last year, wasn´t satisfied with it and put it away. as i moved in another apartment half a year ago and had to clean out my sewing room i found it again and changed it to the current look. i thought it´s a shame that it was buried in there and started to rip most of the seams to make some more alterations. well, i moved again last week and finally found the time to make some photos... i havn´t found the best place to make photos yet, i apologize they are a bit dark.
so, a short description: now it´s a tank dress with princess seams. it has an empire like bust dividing seam where the piping ends. the bottom part is more pencil shaped. i cut most of the parts out of the t shirt, but some parts are made of additional jersey yardage. At the upper edges at front and back i sewed in fancy elastic to have a nice edge.
All in all, it wasn´t expensive, just time consuming due to unsatisfaction and oblivion :D

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ErsatzEpiphany · Seattle, Washington, US · 105 projects
This is the best dress EVER. <3

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