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a cute fox made out of a piece of sock
I design this fox as a a sock toy because it's a bit hard to find material in the town I'm living. one long sock is enough to make this cute fox, but it's a little bit tricky to manage how the materials would suffice.

Now that I converted this post to a how-to, I should apologize because I don't have pictures for every step, but I tried to make it as detailed as possible. feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Posted by judithchen from Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany • Published See judithchen's 35 projects »

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  • Step 1

    NOTE: choose your sock with the matching orange color, or red. remember the size should be LARGE (above 39) and the material should be very stretchy. the pattern I made is drawn exactly the same size of the sock I used.

    cut the sock according to the pattern. (file attached above) add sewing allowances only to the ears and the outer mouth. the inner ear uses the white felt and white sock leftovers are for the outer mouth and the tip of the tail.

    TIPS: cut the ears last, it helps you save materials in case you made a mistake.be careful in managing the materials, you need to be efficient.

  • Step 2

    first make the head. seek for the joint part of the sock, this part will be the mouth. stuff carefully and shape at the same time. stick your fingers in a few times to make sure there isn't an empty space.

  • Step 3

    sew the closing tightly. make sure the mouth part is pointy enough, then sew the white round fabric to the mouth.

    NOTE: sew it like you close the opening of a yoyo flower, or the apple plush (refer to my other project. stuff the ugly edges inside. you can also sew it before you cut the sock, if you think it's easier for you. but be careful when you cut it since the material is very limited.

    embroider the eyes, nose and mouth. set aside.(sorry no pictures but you can refer to picture in step no.4 and 5)

  • How to make a fox plushie. Fox Sock Plushie - Step 4
    Step 4

    sew the body and two front legs.

    NOTE: DON'T close the sewing of the body in the end. you will want to insert the tail and close the seam afterwards.

    you can make one leg slightly shorter to look more realistic. it should look like this. you can stick the front legs closer later when you attach the head.

  • How to make a fox plushie. Fox Sock Plushie - Step 5
    Step 5

    sew and attach the back legs, then tail. put the head on and estimate what position would make it cute.

    TIPS: it could look cuter when the mouth faces front and the legs still show quite a lot in front of the mouth.

  • How to make a fox plushie. Fox Sock Plushie - Step 6
    Step 6

    sew the head, tail and body in the fixed position. make sure the seam on the tail connected to the body is closed properly. use glue if necessary but try to avoid it since the material is soft socks, the glue might spill and you will stain your cute toy. now cut the outer ears, and the inner ear with the white felt. make sure you sew from the wrong (inside part) side.

    NOTE: the white felt pattern (inner ear) is slightly smaller than the orange fabric (outer ear), so be careful. the purpose is to make the ears pointy and curvy to the inside, to make it realistic.

  • How to make a fox plushie. Fox Sock Plushie - Step 7
    Step 7

    when you're done with both ears, it should look like this.

  • How to make a fox plushie. Fox Sock Plushie - Step 8
    Step 8

    sew the ears to the head and now you have your own fox plush just from a piece of sock! you may want to add a little leftover to sew on the edge of the tail - just cut a piece of white fabric and sew it to wrap around the edge of the tail and sew. you may also want to color the tip of the legs with black fabric marker, but this is all optional :)



Gayle K.
Gayle K.
I can't download this .Any suggestions Tongue
Aim O.
Aim O.
Love Love Love Love Love
Lady R.
Lady R.
Hi, Judith! I just found your pattern a short while ago and I'm looking forward to making this, but I had a quick question. In the pattern that you made, do you need two pieces for the body, feet and tail, or do you just cut out one piece for each, fold them in half, and then sew? Thanks!
judithchen · Ilmenau, Thuringia, DE · 54 projects
Hi Lady! You basically cut the pattern as it is on one sock, so if you cut through you technically have two pieces already. No need to cut another one. Hope that helps Love
Kery R.
Kery R. · Columbiaville, Michigan, US
Oh my gosh this is so cute! I'm gonna have to get around to it soon. ;w;
nimble c.
nimble c.
wooooooo that'sHappy nice
Terri D.
Terri D. · Palm Bay, Florida, US
This is so cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Will definitely be doing this project!
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
My god this is adorable. keeping my eyes open for foxcoloured fuzzy socks ^^
Tara D.
Tara D. · Kamloops, British Columbia, CA
So cute! Hubby was given a package of black sock that he won't wear, plus I have a bag of single whites. I'm going to be making a few black and white foxes this weekend ;)
Papasami13 · 3 projects
I am SOOOO making this once I'm done procrastinating my home work. I have a rainbow fuzzy sock that just got too small so this will be perfect!
judithchen · Ilmenau, Thuringia, DE · 54 projects
aww...actually, he also looks good in red or white, so you may try. kimberly, please let me see a picture of it when you're done!
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