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So cheap it's ridiculus!
I have a few earrings and I had them hung from some nice glasses but the problem was when I wanted to pick a pair of them... the ones around them just decided to come too and them the ones near them and so... a total dissaster, specially when I'm in a run.

So I decided to buy a pair of earring expositors I saw in a shop, were beautiful, black with some floral elements and shaped like a small hand mirrors, I loved them, but then I saw the price.... 20 € each of them ... and one was too small for what I needed... I felt my earrings gonna be in those glasses for very long... then I realized... I just needed a frame and a piece of mosquito net! But again all the frames I liked were too small or too expensive, what a shame! I had the mosquito net piece, it was really cheap in a hardware-shop and I discovered I had a quite big piece (a DinA2) of a rigid and heavy cardboard and began to work in this, using pieces of paper for drawing the design. Some paint from old projects, the mosquito net, and glue. And this is the result!

I spent some weeks in this, and not because it was difficult, it wasn't at all... it's because that dammed rigid cardboard I used!! It was so hard to cut and more in those ornamental shapes! I began to hate it when I couldn't feel my right hand from cutting it with a VERY sharp cutter. And my wrist was in total pain too... but it's over!! And I'm so happy!

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Kin Dragon
Kin Dragon · Denton, Texas, US · 745 projects
Love the frame! Did you buy it or make it?Love

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