Hey! Come join the land of kandi Techno And all the above!
Im a spunky kid who dosen't stop at what she wants weather it be her new fluffies or Passsing major test(One things you should know about me: i like talking in third person)I live in the beautful state of texas!(I am not a horse ridin girl at all stereotypes -_-)I spend most of my time listening to music skyping and Dancing the night away With my buds Giggletits and Twinkledash. You can usally find this head full of purple locks in a club. I haveee many personalities I can be the shy quite person or the loud crazy person. I loveee crafting. Sewing, drawing, painting, nail designs, and hairstyles happen to be one of the most things i do but lately i haven't been able to post videos or tutorials lately becuse my computer sucks and my Camcorder is broken Happy But as soon as i get it fixed I'll start making tutorials agian!

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