Hihi~! I'm Maureen or Momo, either works. I'm a college student but on the side I run and Etsy business for hair falls, phone charms, and pretty much whatever else I feel like making. xD I love working with my hands and try to find new things to mess around with when I can.

Outside of that I'm a reformed writing student, now studying Digital Film in Vermont. I hope to one day be an foley artist or some other type of audio engineer or sound designer.

I'm relatively new to crafting most things, but I learn pretty fast and enjoy experimenting.

I don't bite, so talking to me is an option. :3

Want a tutorial on a certain type of hair fall (i.e. cyber lox, wool falls, dreads, rexlace, yarn, etc)? Ask! I'll be more than happy to make one.

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