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30 mins

for my froggy
we own a african dwarf frog, and they are aquatic, live only in water.

Its hard to take a picture of Yin because she hides alot.

Posted by michelle G. from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada • Published See michelle G. 's 1253 projects »

  • Step 1

    first get a glass vase and wash it out

  • Step 2

    place the bamboo in

  • Step 3

    now add the decorative rocks, make shure they are smooth roundish rocks, and some round smooth pebbles

    make sure the rocks are washed before you put them in

    I layer the rocks, placing the little pebbles below, then the larger rocks, then some more pebbles on top.

    Keep some larger rocks open, for resting(if you go a froggy)

  • Step 4

    now add the warm water, luke-warm.

  • Step 5

    now put your fish or froggy in.


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Perelin18 · Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 12 projects
Hollie: PLEASE do not put any other frog in a container like this - Yin is an African dwarf frog, so naturally he remains very small and needs less space (but still they should have at least (!) 3 gallons of water, most people would say even much more - ... and there are almost no hiding places and almost no plants... and some people would even avoid large stones like those above, as they might crush the frog). Most frogs (all?) are protected animals - at least here in Europe, and there is a reason for this...

Sorry, this vase may look "cute", but this is animal abuse - would you want to love in something like that? You know when people keep talking about these round goldfish-glasses which some people used to have years ago + how bad this was - well, this is even worse oO Sorry, it looks quite, but at least use google to find out what your animal needs ...
Hollie W.
Hollie W. · 30 projects
cool the only thing is can other frogs go in those things because i might make one if they can but the other thing is that i might have to search very hard to find a frog near to where i live.
Faithanna S.
Faithanna S. · Bay City, Michigan, US
I'm going to assume that yin is a african dwarf frog. The tank size is good. But only a few inches of the bamboo should be in the water, as it will rot and be problematic for the frog. Happy I love the setup though I wanted to do the same but read about bamboo being a problem... sad day.
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. · Lund, Skane County, SE · 6 projects
Its all very cute, but as an aquarist, I highly recommend a much bigger space and some kind of circulation and filtration-system. This is NOT the ideal habitat for a fish or frog, and keeping them like this will only make them sick and shorten their lifespan drasticly.
Jess-Chan · Oldham, England, GB · 5 projects
Awwww how cute is yin ^^ makes me want a froggy now.. they kinda scare me but yours looks so mini and cute. Kawaii.
Kris B.
Kris B. · Burrillville, Rhode Island, US · 2 projects
Pretty! Happy I used to have a betta fish in just about the same set-up. Then a friend of mine pulled up the bamboo cause he thought it was fake (yeah, wtf?) and I had to redo the whole thing.
Shasta · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US · 37 projects
it looks very nice, but your frog could probably benefit greatly from more space and different accessories in his "bowl" to keep him busy, like a hiding place and some rocks of varying size
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
yin loves it
kiddo · Corryton, Tennessee, US · 133 projects
Cute frog!!! I bet he/she loves his/her new home!!!

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