I'm not sure to write so I will just include 20 facts about myself Happy

1. My name is Jessica, Jess for short.
2. I'm 18.
3. My fave colour is yellow and purple.
4. I love Japanese culture.
5. I have 3 tattoos.
6. I have a black belt in karate Tongue
7. I love the beatles.
8. I dream about dinosaurs... wierd, I know.
9. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.
10. Like all Harry Potter fans I hate twilight, however I have read the books so at least I gave them a chance Happy.
11. I read manga and watch anime.
12. I have an on going project to document my life by taking a picture every day.
13. As you have proberbly already gathered I can't spell.
14. Despite my last fact I got an an A at AS-Level english Happy.
15. I'm a film freak.
16. I Lorveeeeeee Tim Burton.
17. I couldn't live without music.
18. I am very impatient... it's my weakness.
19. My deadly sin would proberbly be Vanity, I'm not proud of that Happy.
20. When I was 8 I fell asleep in somebody elses caravan because I thought it was ours Happy.


Jennybee · Stockport, England, GB · 21 projects
Hello Jess
Sorry to reply back so late, I didnt forget about you I've just been realy busy at home looking after my mum and starting a new college course.
I've read your message, thanks for those lists of films I wil look out for them.
Do you go college?
Take care bye x
Jennybee · Stockport, England, GB · 21 projects
Hello cool, I'm from Oldham originaly, nice to meet you too Happy
Hey do you know any good Manga films you can recomend?