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All the colors i used were from coastal scents 88 pallet except for the lighter purple which was from sugar pill.
I started off with the eye and just made a rainbow. Then from each color i just made a random shape using a primer but i forgot the name. it can really be as different as you want it to be. then i filled in the shapes with the colors they belong to. next i went around the egdes of each shap with a color a little bit darker to make it a little bit more detailed. then again i went along the outside edges of each shap with some more primer and a shimmery off-white color. next i outlined the shapes with black eye liner and smugded it out with some black eye shadow so it wouldnt be so sharp. and thats about it. everyone can make theres look different with different shapes and colors and techniques. its all about using your imagination. I hope this inspired some people to do something of there own :)

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