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CLAMP inspiration with a little Fimo clay for the decoration!
I was reading a volume of CLAMP's wonderful manga Reservior Chronicle Tsubasa and looking at one of the many detailed costumes one of the characters wore in one of the scenes (I forget which one exactly) but more in particular a character's hair ornaments struck looked so majestic I wanted to try to make one!

I read up on some how-to's on cutoutandkeep.net and saw many others were making their own hair sticks so I was going to make a hair stick of my own to match the ornament once it was complete. I pretty much just drew up a basic design, rolled out some Fimo clay and shaped it to the desired effect, placed the design upon the base Fimo clay, and shaped the wing after wrapping the base Fimo around the chop stick I was going to use as a model for my hair stick.

With about 5 minutes of planning, 10 minutes of construction, and 30 minutes of baking per Fimo instructions this project was in the bag and a great sucess. Now I just need to get around to making those hair sticks then I'm golden. XD I hope this helped anyone looking to make one for your own.

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Love the idea! Is it Tomoyos?
[It's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle not Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa... ]

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