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Pandora right at home.
Avatar makeup! To complete this look you need two tones of blue eye shadow, a pink eyeshadow, black pencil eyeliner, white eyeliner , eye shadow primer, colored contacts (for full effect), paper, blue and pink colored pencils, and someone that can braid hair. Begin by priming your face and neck with your primer. Then start to cover your face and neck with your lighter tone of blue avoiding the area at the bottom of your nose. Once your face is covered, go back in and add your dark blue lines. The lines should go towards your "third eye" on your forehead and horizontally on your cheeks. Once all your dark blue lines are drawn, add a little pink to the bottom of your nose. Next take your black eyeliner pencil and tightline your eyes making sure you bring your liner to a point at the tear duct. Cover your lips with a blue lipstick or your eyeshadow. Take a white eyeliner and dot white spots on your T-Bone structure. Braid your hair into tiny braids and put on your colored contacts. Finally make "ears" from paper and color them to match the designs on your face. I cut them out and the simply bobby pinned them into my braids! Enjoy!!

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honey bunny
honey bunny · Tel Aviv-Yafo, IL · 12 projects
amazing! looks like the Computerized Images!! Happy
aaangi · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 8 projects
looks great!
Lorrie Endemoniada DiGiulio
Lorrie Endemoniada DiGiulio · Kennebec, South Dakota, US · 9 projects
That is so awesome! You did a great job. Love it!! Now I want to try the Avatar look. =)

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