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Inspired by my Pretty cure Ocs and the newest pretty cure theme
The time it takes to make one of these varies, but I loved every minitue of it.
I was inspired by the newest motif of the Pretty cure franchise which is animals and sweets.
I made some charms at first, but then I wasn't happy with the last two I made, so I had to redesign some them but I finally got to a point where I was happy and satisfied with my ideas/ creations.
Then I saw at my new job a lip balm in the shape of a cupcake (gotta love Asian cosmetics) and after debating about it for about a week I bought one. Then I got bored with its "frosting" design so I pried off the very top of the lid (which was very hard considering I almost broke the lid,) then I got to work with my polymer clay.
I'm very happy that I was able to make an ice cream like mass of clay, a frosting fox for the top of the ice cream (so tiny and cute!)
Then I made two slices of fairy or "Fae" bread
And then last I made a harvest cake in the shape of a kawaii goat head.
I'm very happy with how they all turned out, and am suprised that I was able to make the polymer clay the way I had visioned it. I hope you guys like it too

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