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Based on Animal Sweets by Kinhime Dragon

This creation was thought up with the Pretty cure animals sweets in mind.
They have a bunch of these sweets made as toys and I was like;" I might as well do the same"
So i made these sweets:
A dragon mooncake
Fox berribert
A goat shaped harvest cake
Cake pops in the shape of Pokena's head
Three cookies that were inspired by one of the cure's three best friends (one of them is a stuffed animal she calls Kitty Bear because it looks like a cat and a teddy bear morphed into one)
And fae bread
And they all fit in a small altoid tin I decorated


Cupcake Secrets Pot

Cupcake Secrets Pot

Another Little Pot To Keep Your Secrets In!

♥ 31
Animal Sweets

Animal Sweets

Inspired by my Pretty cure Ocs and the newest pretty cure theme

♥ 1
Cupcake Container

Cupcake Container

A little container to store your little things in

♥ 408
Cupcake Gift Box

Cupcake Gift Box

coloured in by my little'un

♥ 18
Crochet Cupcake Container

Crochet Cupcake Container

Turn your used plastic containers into cupcakes!

♥ 130
Cupcake Box

Cupcake Box

Just a simple cupcake clay box.

♥ 3


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