Laura recreates a retro British party, perfect for celebrating the Queen's birthday in #DIYTheParty

Let's party like it's 1943, the pinnacle of the make do and mend era! Since it's the queen's 90th birthday this year - and let's face it, since we all love a bit of vintage and upcycling! - I thought it'd be really fun to arrange a Keep Calm & Party fest with a hint of 'Best of British'! I've gathered together some of my favourite tutorials to craft everything you could possibly need, from retro fashion to classic British tea and scones. Most important, I think, is the gin and the bunting (I find it's VERY important to practice making the gin cocktails and gin trifles several times before the big day... just for quality purposes, of course - wouldn't want to disappoint our guests, now, would we??! ;) Just don't run out of gin before the party... Umm... Oops.)

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