First Edition Craft Deco Maché from Trimcraft

Our Sidekicks are getting crafty with First Edition Craft Deco Maché papers and glue from Trimcraft in today's #CraftTest and you can win some to try for yourself!

Nail Varnish Carousel Display by Tan

The adhesive varnish and soft brush allow for a lovely smooth, shiny and protected finish over the lovely designs of paper, and all are a joy to work with, thank you Trimcraft & Co+K!

Travel Brooch by Rebecca

The products were wonderful. I was really impressed with how sturdy the papers were even when they were re positioned a couple of times and pushed around with the brush. The designs were great two, my favourites being the map and the perfume bottles. The gloss and brushes worked really well together, I've been wearing my brooch out for a few days now on my coat in the wind and rain and it still looks shiny and fresh!

Rustic Cork Board by Helle

Both the brushes and the glue had a smooth and velvety feel and the glue was easy to spread. I also think the jar of glue will last for a long time, and who doesn`t love that? The brushes was easy to clean, putting them in a glass of hot water. the paper had a good consitensy, both strong and thin.

Clay Egg Carton by Cat

The papers were so easy to apply and the finished result looked seamless with a lovely shine from the dried glue.

Deco Mache Gift Box by Laura

I found the papers relatively easy to use, although getting it perfectly smooth in all the nooks and crannies of the box was a challenge. I did end up with some wrinkles, but thankfully these work with the 'vintage' look I was going for. The flowers also hide some of the imperfections, so for novices I would definitely recommend LOTS AND LOTS of pattern! The special decoupage brushes definitely help; the stiff brush is really useful for pushing the paper right into the corners of the box.

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