Peggals puts together a look for a zombie bride costume for today's Halloween DIY The Look:

Zombies... I love them! From movies like Dance of the Dead, to T.V. shows like The Walking Dead, even books like Alice in Zombieland! I love them all. The thing about them is that it really could happen. Haha, well possibly. They're fun to dress up as, fun to watch, even low budget zombie films are good because you can get a good laugh out of them (if you're into that kind of thing haha). They're the undead, and you don't need brains to be able to act like one! ;) haha. I don't think I could specify one exact thing that makes me like them, I just do.. The best thing about dressing up as a Zombie is that you don't have to pick one exact thing, you could be a zombie cheerleader, business man, a zombie bride or groom, a zombie astronaut, scientist, rockstar, anything under the sun, or moon haha. I just really love zombies. I've got my zombie apocalypse plan.... Have you got yours? :)

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