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Jo recreates the playful style of "crazy-eyes" Suzanne from Orange Is The New Black.

Suzanne is a bright and bubbly character....if not just a little crazy! I love this style for her as it shows off her playful, loveable nature which makes the character one of my favourites in the show. Being an inmate means that Suzanne's personality can't be shown through the many shades of beige she's required to wear. This style lets her try new things with her hair, wear playful accessories and promote a stylish throwback to the 80s; with acid yellows and shocking pinks. All that's missing is a well rehearsed bank robbery and the rest of the crew with a Madonna backing track to complete the look.

Outfit Details

  • Top - H&M 
  • Skirt - Self Made 
  • Belt - Thrifted 
  • Tights - Target 
  • Shoes - Roberto Vianni

How To Wear Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Recreate the look with Courteney's guide to wearing hair extensions for short hair.

Check out How To Wear Hair Extensions For Short Hair on Cut Out + Keep

Rua do Loreto, 61 - 2º dto Lisbon, Portugal • Visit Website »

Learn how-to sew a t-shirt bib with Retrosaria in Lisbon, Portugal.

Bristol, England •

The best thing about living in Bristol is its independent spirit and its funky street art which has transformed parts of the city into a huge outdoor art gallery. Street artist Banksy started off in Bristol and the city continues this legacy by welcoming street art and street art festivals such as See No Evil and UpFest.

We go behind the scenes at One O to tour Chiara & Irene's shared craft corner in Turin, Italy:

I love the nude texture of wood, so I try to keep it tidy and let the natural look come out.

Anna Bean recreates the whimsical vintage style of singer and songwriter Regina Spektor.

The reason why I choose Regina Spektor's style, was because of the whimsical, vintage, and 50's feel that it is. I also like that it truly reflect the kind of person she it (both her personality, and her music.)

I am a designer, illustrator, and calligrapher living in Boulder, Colorado, USA. When I was a little girl, I was constantly drawing ... I would nestle myself into the craft room of our family home and draw a story while I narrated it out loud. The story invariably focused around a princess in some sort of peril -- mostly because I liked illustrating women in beautiful dresses! Not many of my clients request pretty princess drawings (their loss!), so I decided to seize the opportunity to make a fashion-forward, princess-like Crafterella for Cut Out + Keep. I had a lot of fun creating this piece!

This week the Sidekicks are trying out the Multipom in our Craft Test and making dozens of little pom poms to craft for a pom pom letter, Up house mobile and festive pom pom wreath.

Outfit Details

  • Kimono - made by me
  • Singlet - Witchery
  • Jeans - Gap, modified by me
  • Headband - made by me, see (see below)

DIY Vintage Lace Headband

Recreate the look with Renee's Quick Vintage Lace Headband tutorial:

Check out Quick Vintage Lace Headband on Cut Out + Keep

Glasgow, Scotland •

The best thing about Glasgow is it is a big little city. Everything is so accessible and easy to get to. Even though it's a city, it's cheap to live in. The streets are full of people, but you're likely to bump into a friend along the way. There are so many events and activities to take part in all at your doorstep.

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