Hi, everybody! Thanks for stopping by my page! Happy
My name is Hayley, I'm 15 years old and from Texas!! I own my own boutique called Forever Young but I will be changing the name here pretty soon! After I change the name and get it all set up and open for business, I will open my own Etsy shop or CraftCafe shop! Yay! I mainly just sell to friends and family that I know so that I can just hand it to them right now, not ship, beacause I do not have a page on Etsy to sell online yet. I also walk around my neighborhood and my wonderful neighbors buy my products! Thank goodness for them! I have not sold online yet because, as I said before, I do not have an Etsy shop or PayPal account yet (but I will get them soon!)
I love anything craft-wise. I also love cooking/baking, shopping, and photography!! Well, that was just a little bit about me. I hope you enjoyed learning a little something about somebody new!
I will leave a link to my boutique below, go check it out!! You should 'Like' my Facebook page too so that you won't miss out on any news about us, as well as upcoming products, discounts, sales, etc!! Thanks!! Tongue


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