Hey y'all!

My name is Samantha, I am 27 and I am indeed a crafter! I love to stay busy, I am not someone that can sit still and just watch a movie or TV show; my hands need to stay busy. My main forms of crafting include sewing, cosplaying, jewelry making, diamond painting, and recently knitting. Some other hobbies of mine include watching Anime, currently watching Fruits Basket via Funimation and I watch sports primarily MLB (Mets), NFL (Jets/Panthers), NBA (Nets/Hornets), NHL (Islanders). I am also an avid reader I prefer young adult thrillers and mysteries, but I also read syfy/fantasy and some contemporary fiction. When the mood strikes I also play some videogames Nintendo mostly; Switch and 3DS I love Pokemon (Eevee is my absolute favorite) I also love Yoshi and I have a Pink Yoshi Amiibo named Norman. I do play some xbox mostly RPGs I love the Fable series Fable II is my favorite and I love Dragon Age Inquisition (I am a mage.)

If you have any interest in anything I do feel free to shoot me a message and lets chat! I'm always up for making new friends!


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Lau5ren · 65 projects
Thanks for the friend request Happy And love your stone earrings, I have some rocks just like that so once I dig them out, I will be adding a version Happy