Hey y'all!

My name is Samantha, I am 30 with a 2 year old and I am indeed a crafter! I love to stay busy, I am not someone that can sit still and just watch a movie or TV show; my hands need to stay busy. My main forms of crafting include sewing, cosplaying, jewelry making, diamond painting, and recently knitting/crochet. Some other hobbies of mine include watching Anime, currently watching My Hero Academia via Funimation and I watch sports primarily MLB (Mets), NFL (Jets/Panthers), NBA (Nets/Hornets), NHL (Islanders). I am also an avid reader I prefer young adult thrillers and mysteries, but I also read syfy/fantasy and some contemporary fiction. When the mood strikes I also play some videogames Nintendo mostly; Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons is life and 3DS I love Pokemon (Eevee is my absolute favorite) I also love Yoshi and I have a Pink Yoshi Amiibo named Norman. I do play some xbox mostly RPGs I love the Fable series Fable II is my favorite and I love Dragon Age Inquisition (I am a mage.)

If you have any interest in anything I do feel free to shoot me a message and lets chat! I'm always up for making new friends!


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Lau5ren · 65 projects
Thanks for the friend request Happy And love your stone earrings, I have some rocks just like that so once I dig them out, I will be adding a version Happy