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SusanV has posted a recipe for easy-to-make, vegan macaroni 'cheeze' on her cooking blog which looks delicious!

Check out the recipe now from The Fat Free Vegan Kitchen »

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We had readers post photos of their outfits in the Fashion Issue of Snippets, but there's a whole community where fashionistas can show off their wardrobes. StyleMob allows you to browse through the members photos, rate their fashion sense and post your own photos. It's a great place to pick up fashion tips and find inspiration.

(Thanks to Roma for pointing this out on the board.)

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There's no need to worry if the iPhone hasn't come out in your country yet, because now you can knit your own for a fraction of the price. Daddytypes - the weblog for dads, have posted knitting instructions for knitting your own iPhone, no contract required.

(Thanks to Thread Banger for posting this originally).

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What a great way to recycle broken or worn-down crayons.

Candace at Crafty Daisies has posted an excellent tutorial for making Crayon Nibbles, by melting down odd coloured crayons to create multi-coloured nibbles.

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I've had so much fun running Cut Out + Keep over the last 3 years, adding projects and writing my craft blog. It's amazing how much it's grown and I've been so lucky to have had it all to myself.

From now on, Cut Out + Keep is going to be all about you. Within the next couple of weeks, we are going to launch the Project Adder, which will allow you to post your own creations, with photos and step by step instructions. However, before we can launch it properly, we need to get some willing volunteers to test it out. So, if you have a how-to project, with step by step instructions and photos, that you would like to add to the site, send us a message or an e-mail and we'll get you all set up.

Time to get crafty people!

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Japanese Streets is an online magazine that showcases the latest styles from Japan's trendy youth. Featuring everything from street fashion and cosplay, to the latest runway lines and store displays.

It's a great site for checking up on the latest trends.

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Candy apples are one of the treats that I really look forward to at Halloween, but these Gourmet Candy Apples are much fancier than any I've ever made.

I'm going to be dipping my apples in all kinds of sweets this year, yum!

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Shawn Lovell makes some amazing railings and trellises, but his most stunning piece has to be this metal sculpted Tree Bed.

I think that waking up to the sight of branches and leaves above would be lovely.

Check it out at Shawn Loves Metalwork »

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microRevolt is a knitting project targeted against brands that use sweatshop labour. They aim to get the message out by knitting garments with the offending companies' signature logos and their latest project was a petition against Nike, where petitioners would send in hand-knitted squares to represent their signatures. The squares where attached together to produce a 14-foot knit banner of the Nike swoosh. The banner was then presented to Nike Chairman, Phil Knight.

To take part in their future protests and craft against evil, check out their website.

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I've been a fan of My Paper Crane for a while, but I had to show you the adorable new roller skate plushies.

Perfect for the roller derby stars inside all of us.

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