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I can't claim to be terribly organized, but I think this Period Chart from Keri Smith is a great idea.

Hide it in your bathroom cabinet and keep track of your flows, moods and pains. It's always best to know what's coming.

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I'm a big fan of bento boxes and I'm certainly not alone. The Bento Lunches LiveJournal community, cooking blog Bento Yum and flickr group Bento Boxes are all dedicated to the arty meals.

It's certainly a mouthwatering read.

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Here's a great way to waste 5 minutes. Mod or Fraud is a cool little quiz that shows you retro looking items and makes you guess whether it's old or new. After you've guessed, it tells you the designer and the year it was made. You'll be surprised, it's not as easy as it looks.

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How amazing are these Pencil Urchins by Jennifer Maestre? I love the way she groups together pencil leads of a similar colour.

A perfect decoration for any office desk and a great way to recycle worn down pencils.

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It may not be the place where you would expect to find good craft tutorials, but HP's wiki Wet Paint has some nifty little projects.

I thought the tutorial for turning a Rolodex, among other things in to a cookbook was a great idea, though I love my Rolodex a little too much to do it myself.

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It's a good thing that the mothers of these food-sculptors never told them to stop playing with their food or they would never have created this awesome Veggie Art.

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Mikhaela Reid is a cartoonist with a whole lot of ranting to get out. Her political propaganda cartoons are witty and intelligent as well as brilliantly illustrated. My personal favourite is Bush vs My Cat. Check her out now!

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Ever felt like taking a huge white canvas, throwing paint at it and then trying to pass it off as modern art? Well, here's a way to do it without the mess. Jackson Pollock has set up a Flash website, where you can create paint stridden artwork by dragging your mouse across the screen. Simply click your mouse to change the colour of paint you're using and off you go.

It can get rather addictive. Give it a go and then show me your creations.

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I think you'd have to be pretty brave to wear a belt like this, but if showing off your measurements is something you're proud of, then a tape measure belt may be just the thing for you.

What do you guys think?

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RustOleum seem to think that magnetic walls are for kids, but imagine how handy they could be for craftsters too. You could fill up entire walls with ideas scribbled on to bits of paper, inspirational images, magazine clippings and even small magnetic tins full of beads and other crafting accessories.

Check out their tutorial for painting a wall with magnetic primer and creating a magnet wall.

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