Snippets Issue 6 : The Fashion Issue

Street Fashion

Fashionistas from all over the globe show off their wardrobes.

Street Fashion

Olivia 16 Arkansas, USA
I'm cheap. my style evolves from cheap and pulling off unusual outfits by confidence alone. i'd probably get made fun of if i didn't wear my clothes happily. i got my huge sweater vest for $.97, dancing tights for free (i'd wear them as tights but i have an ace bandage on my right ankle), and my button up from gap on sale. i buy really conservative articles of clothing and make them ridiculous.
Sammyjoe 17 OC, USA
I really like fashion. Mixing and matching different patterns, colors, and styles is what I like best. My look is always changing, i like to look girlie and edgy mixed with elegant and hippie. I'm able to shop anywhere and find something i absolutely love. American Apparel, Steve Madden, Forever 21, And small Boutiques make my wardrobe happen.
Lara, 22, from Exeter
Its a mishmash of high street stores like Topshop/H&M, the bat belt, tights and necklaces are from Camden and the shoes (which i love) are from Office. I dont really have a favourite outfit because my style varies all the time...the most consistant look i have is big hair & big lashes, like a doll but very trashy =]
Isabelle 23 Virginia, USA
This is a photo of the best purchase I've made in my life thus far, my faux leopard fur coat. I had been searching for a coat in this style for what felt like ages, before randomly finding it in a thrift store almost two years ago. The best part being, that it only cost 6 dollars! This coat basically sums up my style. I like to wear a lot of layers, but I also like to have individual pieces that are special in and of themselves. I also like things to be inexpensive, but still of a high quality.. kind of a Chanel out of a trash bag thing.
Monica 18 Windsor, Canada
My style is total DIY, as I am the independant designer behind Your Little Monster! I make most of my own clothing, which is usually a juxtapose of interesting fabrics in cute patterns. I like to contrast pretty and girly with edgy and dark.
Angela 24 Phoenix, USA
My favorite outfit ever is my wedding ensemble. I say ensemble because its actually all the pieces put together that made me feel so amazing wearing it. I made the skirt with a friend (we cut out the hot rod flames with an Xacto) and the top is a corset from Fredericks of Hollywood. I got the hat at a bridal store for 50% off because it was damaged, and then I put some Russian netting on it. Voila. $300 wedding outfit!
Alexander 17 Florida, USA
I'm very interested in kitsch and home-made clothing, as well as cyber-punk and steam-punk (post-Victorian) fashions. As for the outfit, I made the T-shirt myself. The pants are manufactured by TRIPP NYC, I believe, and the shoes air Nike dunks (Which I ruined in all of those tomatoes hahaha)
Lindsey 22 Boston, USA
My style is neo rock & roll electro glam. This is my favorite outfit, high waisted blue skinny jeans which I got at hipster's playground vintage.
Tara-Lynn 32 Ontario, Canada
I have two kiddies, so I try to run away from trendy as much as possible. I'm drawn to bold colour & vintage classics. I love accesories, like pendent necklaces, big purses to fit my knitting, earrings & berets. I never take long to get ready, & I hate to look like I tried hard. My fashion inspirations include Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, & also Shelley Duvall in 3 women

We want to raid your wardrobes too! Post a photo of yourself in your favourite outfit with your name, age, location and a bit of text about your style and the outfit.


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