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Denim Bow Tie Top

Turn a plain denim top into a denim top with a denim bow tie!

♥ 0
Kids Apron On Point Tutorial

Quick and simple apron for kids

♥ 1
Cage Dress

Create a cage dress from your old little black dress.

♥ 8
Faux Leather Sweater

Sew a faux leather sweater using recycled parts.

♥ 3
Stylish Craft Apron

a stylish way to keep your equipment and bits and bobs handy while you craft!

♥ 1
A Cutout Dress With Heart

How to Add a Cute Heart Cutout Detail to a Basic Tank Dress

♥ 2
Diy: A Little Lace Dress

How to refashion a simple little black dress by adding lace.

♥ 21
Diy: A Scarf Print Sweatshirt

How to refashion and old sweatshirt using a scarf.

♥ 6
Diy: Cutoff Shorts With Flair!

How to refashion you old jeans into cutoffs with flair.

♥ 2
Rockabilly Dress

a 50s inspired day dress

♥ 7
Cheap Cheat’s Dress

Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon

♥ 1
A Diy Floral Kimono

How to sew your own kimono using a pattern.

♥ 4
Womens Tops

♥ 0
Crossback Cami

Great project for total t-shirt reconstruction

♥ 3
Diy Fashion Tweak : Bcbg Maxi Dress

From Frumpy & Dumpy to FABULOUS!

♥ 1
How To Make A Hoop Skirt

How to make a hoop skirt (crinoline)

♥ 59
Retro Apron Tutorial

How to make a retro inspired apron

♥ 8
Flamenco Dress

How to make a flamenco /Sevillana dress pattern

♥ 9
Full Length T Shirt Dress (Tie Dyed)

Take 4 dingy t-shirts and turn them into an amazing dress for the beach

♥ 0
Welt Pockets Tutorial

How to sew a welt pocket

♥ 5
Punk Rock Prom Princess

For Fiona

♥ 5
Up Cycled T Shirt

a simple way to add style and edge to your t-shirts!

♥ 10
How To Sew A Sleeve Placket

How to sew the traditional sleeve placket on a men shirt

♥ 3
Green Pleated Skirt

make this quick and easy skirt to pair with your favourite top.

♥ 2
Wrapover Skirt

A Beginner's Guide to Machine Sewing

♥ 6
Hot Air Balloon Skirt

Steampunk inspired hot air balloon skirt

♥ 7
Shibori Stitch Resist Dress

Indigo dye and shibori techniques make a great summer dress.

♥ 5
School Shirt Refashion

make that baggy shirt a bit more fitted ^^

♥ 3
Tote Bag

made for a friend's birthday

♥ 0
Ikat & Chambray Top

♥ 0
Crop Top And Shorts Set

Transform a frumpy set into a cute modern playsuit!

♥ 2
Art Tissue Top

Dyeing a silk shirt with bright art tissue.

♥ 6
1920's Inspired Dress

Perfect for a Halloween costume

♥ 3
A Most Excellent Diy Shirt Dress

Silky, comfy & oh-so-stylin!

♥ 4
How To Make An Easy Dress (For Cheap!)

How to make an easy high waisted dress for cheap!

♥ 46
How to Shift A Dart for Plaids or Stripes

Shifting a Dart to Match a Pattern

♥ 1
The Portrait Blouse

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

♥ 25
How To Sew Set-In Sleeves

Sewing Set-In Sleeves While Sewing a Garment

♥ 5
How To Sew Facings

Sewing Facings in Garment Construction

♥ 6
How To Trace Darts

Tracing Darts Using Wax Paper

♥ 4
How To Sew Seams With A Serger

Sewing Seams with a Serger in Garment Construction

♥ 5
A Vingtage Shift!

Remake a Vintage dress into a Summer Bohemian Shift dress!

♥ 8
Simple Top

Complete Dressmaking Skills

♥ 15
[Diy] College/Letterman Jacket

How to turn a simple blouson into trendy Letterman jacket

♥ 33
Captain America. . . Girly Style

They don't make girls super hero clothes so we made our own(WILL WORK FOR ADULT SIZES OF COURSE TOO)

♥ 7
Pretty Panties

♥ 4
Upcycled Coat


♥ 0

flower fabric net

♥ 3
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