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Appa Pillow Pet
Knitted Beanie With Ear Flaps.
Golden Snitch Necklace
Gryffindor Bows
Based on Appa Pillow Pet by Rowan

I finished just in time for the Legend of Korra finale! ^^

1 yard of Ultra Cuddle Fleece in Ivory for the body, face ,& hair
3/4 yard of Ultra Cuddle Fleece in Brown for the tummy, tail,& feet
3/4 yard of Anti Pill fleece in Camel for the arrow on the body and tail. as well as the muzzle.
the eyes:
the black is just an old t-shirt I had laying around.

A detail that I added was that I stuffed the belly and tail as well as sewing lines straight across. Also made feet for him!

TIP! a lint roller and clear nail polish will be your best friend when working with this fabric..
The ultra cuddle is great but it's a fabric that MUST be sewn. At first I poked a hole through the eye mask and the face fabric for the eyes but the hole grew so I had to start all over. So what I did was poked a small hole then covered the ends with nail polish. It stopped the fraying!

BODY 18 x 22 in (Make a 18x18 square first then draw in the feet 2in from the square both sides)
TAIL 11 x 7 5/8 in
HEAD 7 1/2 in across
EYE MASK 6 1/2 x 1 7/8 in
EYE (white part) 2 cm in diameter
MUZZLE 6 3/4 across
NOSE 3 in across
BELLY 18 x 8 in
ARROW is 2 1/2 in. in width

hopefully that helps a little bit because making pattern was the hardest part for me!


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Adorable Happy How did you attatch the head? I'm having problems D: Did you close the body first? or how you did it? I feel the head I made it's kinda small for the body :/
e p.
e p.
Adorable! Can't wait for episode 4 of Korra season 3!
Anny F.
Anny F. · 1 project
So cute and well done!
brian.young.1481 · Fort Worth, Texas, US
Are you selling this? Because I would love to buy this from you.
Jenna B.
Jenna B.
I really love this! I would really like to make it and was wondering if you could post a pattern for the different appa parts?? Happy
Shelby A.
Shelby A.
Yes! I was wondering the same thing?Wink
Emmyann07 · Sacramento, California, US · 49 projects
so cute! Love your version Happy

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