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Wrapping Paper Crafts

Things to make using Wrapping Papers

Top Projects

Knee High Victorian Spats/ Boot Covers

Knee High Victorian Spats/ Boot Covers

Zip On Victorian Spats for Boots

♥ 592
Cute Small Box
Boxes >

Cute Small Box

Hama beads box

♥ 205
Chinese Paper Yo Yo
Toys >

Chinese Paper Yo Yo

A fun paper game!

♥ 120
Pad Dispenser, Based On The Tampon Dispenser

Pad Dispenser, Based On The Tampon Dispenser

Based On The Tampon Dispenser

♥ 103
Make Your Own Cute Drawing/Text Book

Make Your Own Cute Drawing/Text Book

A Spiffy Notebook that can be used from anything from Art to school work :)

♥ 93

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Easy Christmas Cards

Easy card for any holiday or occasion

♥ 0
Diy Holiday Photo Wall / Photo Booth

Make your holiday cards a smash!

♥ 1
Refreshed Jar

♥ 0
Birthday In A Box

A box filled with everything you need to celebrate!!

♥ 0
Candy Wrapper Surprise

Add a sweet surprise to the next gift you give!

♥ 3
Wedding Wrapping Paper

DIY Wedding Wrapping Paper

♥ 0
Furniture Makeover With Decoupage

Hand-me-down cabinet gets makeover with colorful wrapping paper

♥ 20
Diy Coin Bank

Start saving in style!

♥ 2
Happy Gram Book

♥ 0
Cardboard Tv Stand Doors

recycle an old box into some doors for your entertainment center

♥ 2
Revision Box Decoration!

Revision Box Decoration!

♥ 3
Wrapped Storage Tins

♥ 1
A New Flower Pot In 5 Minutes

a flower pot from any can you have at home.

♥ 11
Decoupage Bedside Table

paint and paper makes such a pretty thing!

♥ 18
Snakeskin Side Table Re Vamp

Now who doesn't love a bit of snakeskin?

♥ 7
Weekly Recipe Planner

Recycle that old pinboard

♥ 8
Quick And Easy Diy Necklace Holder

Pretty, Quick and Easy DIY Necklace Holder made in just 1 Hour!

♥ 3
Recycled Organizer

Organizing my crafting stuff in a cheap and cute organizer.

♥ 13
Baseball Gift Box

♥ 0
Re Funked Bookcase

Take a vile old bookcase and make it fabulous!

♥ 16
Small And Simple Chest Of Drawers

Storage your crafting materials in a chest of your own making.

♥ 4
Mini Nativity Scene

♥ 0
Minecraft Party

♥ 7
Gift Wrap Shaped Man's Suit

fun gift wrap

♥ 9
Christmas Grab Bags

Christmas Grab-bags, packaging, gift bags, bag

♥ 1
Gift Basket

How to pack little things in a nice way!

♥ 1
Christmas Card

♥ 1
Starburst Paper Craft Ornament

Polish Star

♥ 21
Stocking Filler: Easy Handmade Notebooks

Really easy but they look brilliant!

♥ 45
Surprise Gift

How to really surprise someone!

♥ 4
Make Your Own Memory Keepsake Box!

The perfect gift to give at a shower, or to exchange trinkets in with your friends!

♥ 5
How To Make Custom Wrapping Paper With Stamps

get to stampin'

♥ 15
Necklace Holder/Rack

Floral decorated foam board necklace holder

♥ 5
Dry Erase Calendar

A dry erase calendar that is way prettier than the boring white ones you can buy

♥ 10
Pigeon Holder

if you need a place to keep any loose pieces of paper hanging around your desk this is the project for you!!

♥ 6
Headband Rack

It's much neater then a box.

♥ 15
Gift Paper Envelopes

♥ 1
Origami Lilies

♥ 3
Decoupage Storage Container

♥ 4
Gift Card Holder

gift card holder for any occasion!

♥ 4
Christmas Crackers

How to create your own opulent Christmas Crackers in a riot of colours and textures...

♥ 12
New Face For An Ikea Clock

Save money instead of buying a new wall clock!

♥ 7
Jewelry Envelope

Princess Lasertron's low-sew felt jewelry envelope

♥ 29
Old Wallet Into New One

i turned my boring old wallet into a better one in 4 easy steps!

♥ 1
Marine Welcome Home Cake

♥ 3
Hawai Hula Hula Dance Bracelet

Hula Hula dance bracelet making with chewing gum paper

♥ 1
Iris Cards

♥ 2
Brown Paper Bird Book Cover

Combines potato printing, sponging through a stencil and printing with a pencil.

♥ 17
Bracelet Holder

easy and cute storage

♥ 83
Wrapping Paper Table

♥ 3
Happy B.Day Banner

♥ 0
Rock Buddy House!

A little house for your rock buddy!

♥ 1
Easy Advent Calendar

♥ 0
Christmas Cards

♥ 2
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