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Spice up an empty wall!

A wall in my room. This tutorial is to give you some creative ideas for hanging picture frames.

For a nice mixture of frames you should shop at a thrift market. Except for pictures, you can also frame drawings, collages, souvenirs,...


  1. How to make a frame / photo holder. Original Picture Frames - Step 1 1

    All frames were my mum and grandma's oldies. This one was such a lovely, tacky gold cadre that I did not alter it.

    I used some cute wrapping paper for the background, with colours similar to the ones in the picture. To add a little contrast, I cut a rectangular shape with contour scissors out of aluminium foil.

  2. How to make a frame / photo holder. Original Picture Frames - Step 2 2

    This frame was a ugly grey thing. I sandpapered it and put first a white coat on it and then a pale green on top.

    I am the proud owner of a big collection of old photos of Hollywood stars. The envelope was the original cover (stamped: may 1928!). Background: a pale pink sheet of paper and white paper lace for more cachet.

  3. How to make a frame / photo holder. Original Picture Frames - Step 3 3

    Both cadres were polished wood, so I had a big job sandpapering them (tip: a knife or scissors are useful tools!). Then they got a few layers of white paint.

    The yellow framework is painted a soft yellow (2, maybe 3 coats to cover completely). I copied a parakeet and pink flowers out of an old biology book and glued them on card board. Then I attached the figures to the frame.

    The white frame already had grooves, which I coloured in with black paint and a fine brush. I painted he plastic surround of the glass a heavy pink.

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, nl · 108 projects

Hey that's cool the black drawing lines on the frame, love it.;-D
the other ones too, well done!!!
super cool idea!!!
(he gaaf meis , erg leuk , doordat we weinig contact hadden, vergeet ik bij jouw ook te kijken en... heb zelf ook problemen met computers.,LOL he en .., heel veel knuffels en zoenen!!!)

Birgit · Leuven, Flanders, be · 35 projects

hoi! lang geleden :)
de wit/zwarte is egt super!
and sure you can do it! ;)

Apricot · Sacramento, California, us

Nice. I love the white and pink one :D super cute!

violetta · Temerin, Vojvodina, rs · 208 projects

It looks great and I love the color of your wall!:)


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