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Ribbon Crafts

Things to make using Ribbons

Top Projects

T Shirt Shrug
Shrugs >

T Shirt Shrug

How romantic.

♥ 3795
Beautiful Paper Snowflake

Beautiful Paper Snowflake

How To Make The Most Beautiful Paper Snowflake Ever! a spectacular - origami like - snowflake deco

♥ 1409
How To Make A Tutu
Tutus >

How To Make A Tutu

Tutus make everything more fun!

♥ 1059
Alice In Wonderland Necklace
Vials >

Alice In Wonderland Necklace

definitely not poison

♥ 727
Hinamori Amu Cosplay Bag

Hinamori Amu Cosplay Bag

atashi no kokoro.. unlock!

♥ 654

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Indoor Hopscotch

Little One-Yard Wonders

♥ 1
Birthday Pennant Banner

Make an heirloom pennant banner and start a new tradition.

♥ 1
Tissue Paper Balls

Make these fun tissue paper balls for decor or a party!

♥ 2
Snap Frame Purse

Cash in Hand

♥ 3
Detachable Laptop Key Notepad Embellishment

Decorate with Laptop Keys and Velcro

♥ 1
Scrap Material Jar

♥ 0
Card Bunting

♥ 0
Sailor Inspired Shoe Redo

Upcycled shoes found at a thrift store

♥ 9
No Sew Triangle Banner

Learn how to make an easy no-sew triangle banner

♥ 6
Reversible Peter Pan Collar

An Easy Way to dress up an Outfit

♥ 1
Moogle Hairstick

♥ 1
Altered Alarm Clock

Mixed Media Altered Alarm Clock

♥ 2
Altered Bottles

Altered Bottle

♥ 7
Ornament Wreath

Create a unique wreath for the holidays using bulb ornaments!

♥ 3
Flannel Bunnies

Great idea for a Christmas or birthday present

♥ 3
How To Make A Make Up Brush Cosmetic Roll

A quick simple gift idea

♥ 3
Removable Band For Anything

Add studs! It looks cooler!

♥ 2
Oor Wullie Footstool

Little decoupage project (and first time attempt and upholstery!) :)

♥ 4
Memory Trunk

♥ 0
Flip Flop Diy!

Hate that flappy flip flip feeling? Want something a little more secure? This will take you literally 5 minutes to do!

♥ 1
The Confetti Series: Diy Balloon Decor

Making a super easy tutorial for your party decorations (and photo settings!).

♥ 19
Denim Bow Tie Top

Turn a plain denim top into a denim top with a denim bow tie!

♥ 1
Shoulder Bag

Decorate a shoulder bag

♥ 0
Scrappy Strips Pillow Tutorial

Use fun fabric strips, ribbon, and lace to make a custome pillow.

♥ 6
Diy Budget Photobooth + Props

Photobooths provide fun entertainment to guests and the photos can even be given as favors.

♥ 1
Crochet Baby Cardigan

♥ 0
Book Cover/Tote Combo!

The Book Cover Tote - Your Solution for a Day Well Spent in Fantasy Land

♥ 2
Hot Glue Necklace

Hot glue for making jewellery? Why not?

♥ 0
How To Make A Hoop Skirt

How to make a hoop skirt (crinoline)

♥ 70
Kawaii Canvas Shoes Plus Shoe Wings!

Like Hermes, but cute.

♥ 21
Ribbon Flower Cockade

Ribbon Weave Cockade

♥ 1
Satin Ribbon Hair Bow

Handmade Simple and Cute Hair Bows!

♥ 10
Diy Miniature Bouquets

A cute mini bouquet that you can make from flowers in your garden!

♥ 9
Clothing Label How To

Personalize your handmade clothing with custom clothing labels.

♥ 29
Girl Purse

♥ 0
Diy Statement Necklace

I love all things trendy and statement necklaces are no exception. What better way to rock such a huge fun necklace than on a special occasion.

♥ 15
Pin Dog Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion Killing Two Birds With One Stone

pin cushion voodoo doll in one

♥ 1
Embroidered Hanging Heart Decoration

Hand embroidered heart

♥ 1
Diy Bunny Headband

Get into the Easter spirit

♥ 5
Learn To Tie A Bow - Quiet Book Page

This sweet ballet slipper is the perfect medium for your child to practice learning to tie a bow.

♥ 3
Gothic Fairy Bustle.

be your inner forest creature

♥ 1
Decorated Matchboxes

For my Wicca Altar :3

♥ 3
Lavender Bags

Nice little gift

♥ 4
Cosmetic Cupcake

♥ 0
Brooch Marks The Spot

How about some jewelry for your books?

♥ 12
DIY Ribbon Bow Necklace

A cheap, easy and stylish jewelry project with fabric stiffener.

♥ 30
Frozen Inspired Jewelry

Make Queen Elsa's jewelry for the Frozen obsessed kiddos!

♥ 2
Diy Floral Dreamcatcher

Perfect for spring and summer!

♥ 8
How To Make A Luna Lovegood Cork Necklace

Make a necklace like everyone's favourite Ravenclaw!

♥ 3
Easter Wreath

♥ 0
Vinyl Tube Bracelet

Studs & Pearls

♥ 1
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