Snippets Issue 8 : The DIY Issue

Beauty Tips

Tana Suicide shares her glamour girl make-up and fashion tips.

Beauty Tips

Suicide Girl, Tana Suicide
Suicide Girl, Tana Suicide


Believe it or not, ladies.. The majority of celebs & glamour girls these days have extensions. It's true! Whether you're a fan of classic dames like Jessica Simpson or rock & roller Kat Von D.. all those chicas are sporting fake hair.

Having the extra volume and length can add a lot to your look, but chances are you probably can't afford to drop a grand or more at the salon for some extra bounce in your tresses.

For the gal on a budget, I recommend going to a beauty supply and buying some extensions. You can usually find a ponytail fall that will match your color very closely. Then you simply sweep your locks up into a smooth ponytail or bun and clip the fall onto your hair for extra pizazz.


I'm a fan of the retro Kitten look, much like my gal Amy Winehouse. I am from Texas, so I like BIG hair and bold makeup! Achieving a sex kitten 1950's look is actually really easy. All you need is a pair of false lashes, black liquid liner, and red lipstick. Throw on your false lashes or triple coat your pre-curled lashes with mascara, then follow the lash line with a thick almond shaped racing stripe of black liner. When you get to the outside edge, the largest part of the line, angle the end point out & up. Start small and build up the line until you achieve a sexy kitten eye! Next rev up those lips with some red lipstick and you are as good as gold!


My look is best described as retro, rock & roll, glamour girl (on a budget)! I've never been one who buys clothing for the labels and most pieces I buy are vintage or recycled chic. Generally, I try not to buy more than a few items from any one designer. My wardrobe overflows with color. A 60s floral jumper, micro mini & green cowboy boots make for a stellar summer combo. I'm often asked "what's the occasion?" when wearing a ballgown to the supermarket, to which I reply "it's Tuesday!"

You can check out more of Tana's style at the Suicide Girls, the Glamorama Girly Show and Tana The Tattooed Lady. (Photography courtesy of


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