Snippets Issue 8 : The DIY Issue

DIY Round-Up

A pick of the best hand-crafted and DIY items to buy on the net.

DIY Round-Up

diy handmade items

1. Glasses Necklace available from Pink Ribbon Boutique.

2. Stylus Trucker & Chirp Wonder Wallet available from Queen Bee Creations.

3. Jammy Dodger Ring & Iced Gem Ring available from Biscuit Boutique.

4. Skull Hair Clips from Kustom VooDoo.

5. Candy Charm Bracelet & Sugar Overdose Bracelet available from the Ku-Ki Shop.

6. Enid Coleslaw Wallet and Air Terminal Passport Wallet available from TinyMeat.

We love handmade, so if you're running an indie shop, let us know!


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