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Craft Party

10 steps to throwing your own craft party.

Craft Party

Granny pursuits have never been more hip so embrace the tea cosy, bake some scones and darn a couple o' socks. If however, you and your mates fancy a fab night in, throw a craft party - it doesn't have to be expensive but it does have to be a yarn load of fun. Follow these tips to ensure that your party goes with an Ella Fitzgerald kinda swing...

How to throw a Craft Party:

You will need:

  • Craft materials eg. findings to make jewellery, wool and knitting needles, fabric scraps, glue, beads and buttons
  • Pretty old china - to serve the tea and cakes
  • Some friends who are willing to get a little crafty
  • A few craft books for inspiration (the older the better)
  • A pretty frock to be the hostess with the mostess style

Before the party:

1. Work out how many people you can cram into your mansion/house/flat/bedroom and design some funky invites. Use snail mail and pretty stationary to keep the vibe ladylike and old school.

2. Get on the phone to grandma and see if she has any scraps of fabric, old buttons and wool. She'll be delighted you want to give her old chintz curtains a new lease of life and it will save you some dollar too. Also visit charity shops for materials you might be able to use for collages and craft shops for enough glue and scissors for guests to share. Car boots are also a great place to find retro craft books and magazines such as Golden Hands - who'd have thought you could make a canvas bolero look stylish. They did. In 1972.

3. Ask guests to bring anything to the party that could be used to make something unique. Also, tell them they get extra granny points for bringing yummy homemade cakes. You can't hold a party without cake can you? What would The Stepford Wives say to that?

4. Give the old china a dust - if you have been collecting vintage tea sets, a craft party is the ideal time to show them off and don't even get me started on the cake stands... you can pick those up from car boots and charity shops. I like the Midwinter range best. But if you're inviting friends from different social 'circles' a little Babycham won't go a miss. It's not called 'the happiest drink in the world' for nothing.

5. Lay out all the materials and books and fashion some bunting out of the fabric scraps. Put some pretty napkins out too, you don't want sticky-bun fingers all over the buttons.

The day of the party:

6. Get a trusted friend to come round a little earlier to calm your nerves and help you prepare. If you have time, set up some 'activity stations' for examples: materials for knitting in one corner; patchwork in another and if you're the proud owner of a badge maker (Bandai's Super Badge It machine rocks) make sure you have enough bits and pieces to keep the fun going all night.

7. Raid your wardrobe for your finest cocktail dress and coif your hair 50s style. Look to some old issues of Vogue for make-up inspiration too.

8. If you're lucky enough to own a portable record player, choose a selection of records that will fit the tone, the early Beatles rarely offends. Or grab the CD player and put on a little Ella or a compilation album if you've had time to make one.

9. Get the teacups laid out ready and milk and sugar too. If you've made any cakes, place them on the cake stands. If you haven't had time to make any, open a packet of Mr Kipling's and dust with icing sugar (no one will ever know and even if they suspect, they'll be too polite to ask).

10. Party time! Throw open the doors and get the party rocking. You'll be surprised at how delighted your friends will be to be rediscovering crafts they haven't touched since school. And you can sit back feeling a little smug that you made in all possible in just 10 easy steps.

Check out the hostess' website.


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