Snippets Issue 5 : The Music Issue

Wasted Little DJs

The View's sidekicks, the Wasted Little DJs share their tips for gig and festival going.

Wasted Little DJs

Rock band, The View refer to Karlene and Charlene as their "after show party specialists" and their debut single, Wasted Little DJs was all about them. We caught up with the ladies to get their tips for making the most of the festivals and gigs this summer.

Wasted Little DJs with The View

When going to a gig, what kind of clothes do you suggest that someone should wear?
We used to wear denim skirts and customised band tshirts, but now we just dress up. We've got loads of pretty dresses, but gigs are the only time we get to wear them, so why not? Dress the way you want, what suits your personality, whether it's casual or dressy.

Are there any outfits / accessories that are a big mistake to wear to gigs?
The only thing we can think of are sandals, your feet are gonna get stamped on!

What should someone take to a festival?
We never go that organized, because carrying it is the worst part!! As long as you have clean clothes, kagool wellies and vodka, your sorted. Just camp in someone else's tent to save you carrying it!...unless of course you have someone who could do that for you!

Do you have any tips for getting to the front at gigs?
Haha, if your too afraid to push, wait until a jumpy song comes on and bounce your way to the front! or if your wee pretend your sister is down the front! Wasted Little DJs with The View

What are your tips and techniques for pulling off a stage dive?
We only do it when we're drunk haha! That way you don't care if you hurt yourself!

Who are your favourite bands to see?
We like going to see The View cause all our mates are there and it's a good night out. Also, we've seen Oasis loads of times and they're amazing to see. Babyshambles are great, cause Pete is unpredictable, so each show is totally different! Arctic Monkeys play great live too.

Are you going to any festivals this Summer?
Yeah we're off to Glastonbury this weekend and really looking forward to it! Then T in The Park is a couple of weeks later, that's our favourite festival ever, because it's so close to home all our friends are there and the atmosphere is great. We're excited too because our pals The Law are playing the same stage that The View played last year! We're also going to Reading and we're doing a festival called Live at Loch Lomond on the 5th and 6th of August where we're presenting a stage and djing too.

Catch up with the Wasted Little DJs on their myspace or check out The View to see when they'll be stage diving in a town near you. (Photography by Dylan Drummond and Cat Morley.)


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