Snippets Issue 5 : The Music Issue

Beauty Tips

Wanda Blonde, bombshell pinup shares her beauty tips.

Beauty Tips

Wanda Blonde pin-up burlesque starWanda Blonde pin-up burlesque star

Make up:

As every Burly Q dame , I adore make up and am happiest wearing thick red lips and heavy black eyeliner. So for the pillar box red lips , MAC 'ruby woo' or Channel 'Nirvana' all lined with a sharp Laura Mercier ' True red' lip pencil. Always make sure your lips are buffed & soft, there's nothing worse than a flacky or rough pout. Eyebrows can frame your whole face, so keep um tidy! I pluck and colour with Mac 'bark' and a good brush. Eyeliner can be liquid or gel, I like Bobbi Brown 'Black ink', you can create dainty flicks or full on sexy kicks. I love painting them up and up to create a really dramatic look. Fake lashes are an essential to any lassies makeup box, make sure you practice practice practice, I still find it tricky now and again! But mascara is as important, so for everday use as mush as possible is my motto and make sure its jet black. A bit of rouge, Benefit 'she splash' gives me a bonnie shine! And NARS 'orgasm' for a golden shimmer. The finishing touches are a beauty spot on my right cheek and squirts and splashes of Agent Provocateur eau de parfum.


White blonde bombshell, needs a lot of tender loving care and lots of treatment. In styling, I like to curl, quiff and put bows and ribbons in it. I love to pin it up in a scarf and scrape it up in a tight pony. I tong and use rollers and love big hair.


For every performance it's different, from pearl pasties to vintage swimming costumes. For everyday wear, I wear a lot of dresses and high waisted skirts, I wear a lot of leapard print and faux fur. I collect faux fur coats in many styles and print. And shoes are some what of an obsession. For luxury, I wear my latex, a favourite being a pink and black two piece. And for spring cleaning my denim jumpsuit, Rosie Riviter style.

Find out more about Wanda Blonde on her MySpace. (Photography by Art Punk)


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