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Polar FT4

Scrap the personal trainer and get in shape with the Polar FT4

Polar FT4

We were sent a Polar FT4 watch and heart-rate monitor to test out and you can see about how we got on below. We're giving you a chance to win your own FT4 by leaving a comment below and telling us your top tips for motivating yourself to work out!

Contest closes April 30th.

Congratulations to EmmaThePrincess.

Last year I challenged myself to jog for 30 minutes every day. Olympic fever had hit Britain and I wanted to get in on the action by getting fit. It started out well at first, I was filled with excitement and put that motivation in to my work-out, ending up in a sweat by the end of my session and I could feel it paying off. However, as the weeks went on, I started losing that initial enthusiasm and could feel that I was cheating myself. I would work out for the same amount of time, but I just wasn't putting the effort in and was hardly breaking a sweat anymore. I needed someone, or something, to hold me accountable and that's where the Polar's FT4 came in.

Combing a heart-rate monitor, stopwatch and calorie-burning counter in a high-tech watch, the Polar FT4 is like a pocket-sized personal trainer, telling me when I'm exercising hard enough and pestering me when I let things slip. It splits the heart rate into 3 zones, so I know I'm working out hard when I'm in the top two zones. It also gives me a personalised plan, and shows me how long I need to spend in each zone to lose weight, or get fit. Monitoring my heart-rate is a simple addition to the exercise I was already doing, and pushes me harder without messing up my habits. No more cheating!

Before I start exercising, I attach the heart-rate monitor around my ribs using the chest-strap and a few seconds later, my heart-rate appears in real-time on the watch. As I exercise, I can watch my heart rate rise and fall to make sure that I'm training at the right intensity. When I'm finished, the watch reports back on the effectiveness of my session, tracking how long the workout lasted, how many calories I've burned and how many minutes I trained in each heart-rate zone.

The biggest benefit I've gained from the watch is the ability to work out anywhere and in any way I want - from jogging around the park to dancing in a hotel room while travelling. No matter where I am, the exercise I'm in the mood for or what workout equipment is available, I'm able to know how effective my workout was and track my progress, save in the knowledge that the Polar FT4 is there to kick me in to shape!


watch skinny people and obese people
My main motivation to work out, is that if I keep my body healthy, then not only will I live longer, but I'll be healthy enough to enjoy those extra years. I've got those few more years to see my grandchildren grow up, to cross those last few things off my bucket list and to see the very best sights the world has to offer.
In my younger days I was quite overweight. I had a very unhealthy lifestyle and I procrastinated a lot. It took some very hard work but I went from 290 lbs. to 175 lbs. and still losing. :] I would have to say my top tip for motivating myself to workout and lose the weight was picturing myself happy, healthy, and thin. I realize the moments when I am feeling lazy and stick to my routine regardless. It also helps to reward yourself for meeting goals.
I now go the gym regularly but struggle with motivation - I have a gym buddy to keep me going!
I don't really exercise because I lack the motivation most of the time. I might do a little yoga when I'm feeling sore and stressed and just want to stretch and relax but I'm a little afraid of going outside and embarrassing myself. I think the best motivation would be to have an exercise buddy to go jogging with so I didn't have to go alone.
Im really wanting to wear my bikini this summer but have set myself goals that ill tone my self up by setting myself different exercisers to do each day.
Summer is almost here! Bathing suit shopping is the only inspiration I need.
being a fitness trainer / owner i lead by example and what motivates me as i teach others is pushing yourself to the limit and then digging down deep within ones self and pushing yourself that much more then once succeeding realizing it wasn't as bad as you thought to begin with,

" a person can achieve anything they set their mind too if they want it bad enough "
NEVER take No or I CAN'T as a acceptable answer !!!
What I do to motivate myself to workout is think about how tired I'll feel without it. When I don't workout, I often feel fatigue for no reason at all. So working out is the solution to build up more energy, so I don't waste my life away being so tired all the time! It also helps when I'm upset; it really takes my mind off of stress. Not only am I getting the benefits of a healthy workout, but it's also a healthy option to cope with certain things.
I bought a dvd that is fairly easy and you can walk a mile or two or three each time. I put it on, turn the music down low and watch a 30 min. tv show while I'm doing their walk routine. It's so easy and I walk a mile a day that way (or more if it's an hr. show)
The best way to really get a good work out is not thinking of it as exercising, but to just move about doing something you enjoy. For me that is going on a long walk or hike with my camera.
Top Tip: Change the way you think about exercising! Its not about exercising for 30-60 minutes every day, its not sitting about for 24 hours a day.
Also, exercising doesn't have to involve gyms, runs, or weights. I put on my favourite music and rock it out for 30-60 minutes a day (though usually more, because after the 30-60 minutes in a row, I can't turn off ^-^) - it makes me feel good, I work up a sweat, and I exercise without feeling the pressure to do x-many reps of something.
When I start thinking that I can't be bothered working out then I put my gym clothes on. I find I end up doing exercise otherwise I feel a bit foolish sitting about the house in a track suit.
my motivation is to fit in my clothes better and i want to be a healthier person!
I am motivated to lose weight (and belly fat) so that I can get a Firedancer tattoo on my belly, before the Dave Matthews Band concert in August! I turn 21 again during the concert and dance all night!
I stay motivated by talking with friends about what I'm doing and
then following through. A little competition is a good thing!
I exercise because I'll be the first to die in the zombie apocalypse.

CO+K User
My main goal is to be as fit as my friends who bike, run, and practice martial arts; if I can keep up with them, I know I'm healthy, and they motivate me. Exercising also makes my body crave healthy food instead of sugary junk, so being able and wanting to eat well is a big motivator as well.
I try and motivate myself by tricking myself into thinking excercise is something else! I have Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance games for the wii- I'll get my sis and my mum together and we can have a "dance" party instead of a normal workout session. We also do walks that support a cause. Our latest were a 4 mile walk to raise money for a little boy with leukemia and a 4 mile walk to gather food and funds to stock up supplies for the homeless shelters in our area. Sometimes, for me, it is better when I'm doing the excercise for someone else!
Summer is approaching and the best way to wear bikini with a nice body.
Healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to feel healthy, comfortable with your body and more active.
Perhaps not the best top tip but this has certainly motivated me......Signing up to a ridiculously expensive gym, therefore you must go everyday to make it worthwhile!!!
I've been sitted a lot of time lately and my back begins to hurt so I have to keep back into sports. Also I like to show a little muscle (not too much) and want to be fit for spring clothes.
Now I'm getting on and I feel the chunkiness creeping on an all. I say creeping but I bloody swear that I think I may have put on a stone within the last week. I love the look of this little doo daa. I'm thinking (hoping) that one of these babies will motivate me at least to get into exercising and more active than usual, for my kids more than myself.
My top tips for motivating myself to work out are trying on cute outfits that I'll want to wear in the spring/summer and seeing how they look on myself and then seeing the outcome after working out. My biggest motivation though is just knowing that the more I do and the harder I work out the better my body is going to feel
Exercise is the second best control mechanism for depression, the first being the right diet (and even better, the two in conjunction). Basically, being motivated to exercise is being motivated to be motivated, and confident, too.
Besides, I like to walk and love to run... the only more enjoyable method of conveyance than my own two feet is horseback riding, which is also the best full body work-out that I have ever personally encountered.
I am currently training for a 100km walk from London to Brighton. My best motivator are my team mates. The first training walk I did with them was quite difficult. They had been training for a couple weeks more than me and they were in better shape. If it wasn't for their positive words and encouragement, I doubt I would have made it through that first walk and probably would have quit after that. I am now heading into week 3 of my training and thanks for them, I'm not looking back!
I think my biggest motivation to get myself to workout is the mindset that if I don't push myself now, I'm only going to feel guilty later when I start indulging. I tell myself that if I push myself and exercise tough now, I can enjoy that cupcake later, no regrets Tongue
My motivation is my son. I have to keep up with him as he is a super active toddler and I want to be able to share that fun energy with him! I also want to model healthy eating/exercise habits for him to grow into a healthy young man.
My motivation to exercise is simple. I do It because I know what it's doing to my body, making it better, faster, stronger. I do it 'cause I can. 'Cause i want to. thank you.
I currently have a size 14 dress that i really want to wear hanging up on my wall just waiting for me to fit into. Each time i almsot cave and steer away from my slimming world diet i always look at that dress and say i can do it! I only have one dress size to go Happy
Some of the best advice I can give to help motivate you, with not only fitness objectives but with all resolutions or plans in your life, is to set goals. Have an ultimate goal that you can strive for and break it down into smaller goals so all those little successes can keep you feeling great about the work you are putting in and drive you want to keep fighting for the bigger achievement. This watch seems like a great way to help you to keep measuring those successes.
I exercise because my body starts aching if I don't. It's a pretty damn good motivation if you ask me. No, but I log all my activities on Fitocracy, a fitness community and also a game. The more you exercise, the more points you get. And after a certain amount of points, you level up. It's like being a Pokémon, leveling up and stuff. Logging my activities is a great motivation because then I can see what I've actually done, my progress and set new goals accordingly. I started exercising two months ago and I've actually gained some muscles. It's really cool.
My top tips to motivate myself to work out is to be healthy and to fit in my old jeans. Right now i only have one pair that fits me and my body fat percentage is very high. Hopefully in a few months I'll start seeing results!

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