Living simply, learning daily and loving some on a little island with my 2 Hawaiian boys in our lovely valley.

*update 5/2013: PM me if you need to get a hold of me. I have a super busy summer and will not be on the boards as frequently. I would love a private swap of something I make for something you make Happy or a private craft and stash swap. Happy Summer!

Nail Polish/laquer/paint, Reggae,Kawaii, Owls, Amigurumi, Football/futbol/soccer,
Plushies, Letter writing, Hemingway,
Embroidery, The Walking Dead, Red Wine, Glee, Adventure Time, Lions, Penguins, LadyBugs, Dragonflies
Macaroons, Shave Ice, Musubi, Cherries, Peonies, Daisies
Prayer Flags, Dotee Dolls

Completed Swaps:
One Happy Gram a month since February 2013
newbie vs. vet swap with Monika Gottindottir in April 2013
Stash & Craft Swap with Risa.Hanae (JapZilla)

Swaps in Progress:
Papercraft Challenge with Lauren C.

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Sophia K.
Sophia K. · 134 projects
Thank u for your fav on my jewelry.
MauiMami · Wailuku, Hawaii, US · 15 projects
You're welcomeHappy