Snippets Issue 23 : The New York Issue

Paper New York

Build your own Empire State building and win a copy of Paper New York.

Paper New York

We've got five copies of Paper New York up for grabs which has everything you need to build your own miniature New York City. We've even got a minature Empire State building for you to download and make at home right now, sure to make you feel like King Kong!

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below telling us which city you'd most like to visit in the world and why, whether it's New York or anywhere else. The best five answers will win a book!

Competition closes on April 30th.

Congratulations to our winners Becsta!, Heather O., Maria C., Paulina Z. and Paulie Miðvikudagur.


I would love to visit Vienna, it has been know for so long for its culture, the theater, the music, the fine arts and the opera. I would love to go and soak it all in ^_^
I would most like to visit Prague because i feel inspired by the architecture; its so much different to Australia!
Also so i could visit Prague Zoo, one of the best in the world Happy
Reykjavik is the city I crave for visiting the most. In a small country full of amazing landscapes, flora & fauna, Reykjavik just is a break in it.. a moving, young and lively city with an amazing music scene. And I wonder what real Icelandic food might taste like, too.
I would love to Visit Rome in Italy! It is simply beautiful and flourishing with artistic style and crafts.They also have great cooking Happy and AMAZING fashion!
I would love to visit San Francisco. The city seems to ooze laid-back cool, a visit for me would include shopping, sight-seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, a hop over to Alcatraz Island, and then a leisurely road trip south to Big Sur.But the biggest attraction of San Fran to me is the amazing street art - the mission muralismo art work that can be found dotted around the city. Spending a day checking out the street art would be amazing!
I would love to visit Orlando, Florida, USA because I would LOVE to go to HARRY POTTER WIZARDING WORLD in Universal Studios (Orlando)! I just love harry potter and it would be my dream to go and visit the harry potter wizarding world!!!!!!! And visit hogsmede and go to all the shops and visit the hogwarts castle and go on all the rides!
My dream is to visit London. I've been in love with the UK in general for forever. It's so fantastic there-that another country that speaks the same language as we do can have such a different culture! It's also a bit of our history-England is basically the mother of the US. The main thing I'm looking forward to London is the London Eye. It may be scary going onto that huge ferris wheel at first, but to see the whole city from up there would be fantastic. Another must would be to just sit at a cafe and listen to people speak. The accents there are gorgeous. I keep glancing at my Big Ben stencil on my wall as I type(:
I would like most to visit Paris. I just want to be able to sit in a little cafe and be surrounded by people speaking a different language, and be able to observe but still be separated. Being alone in a foreign environment fascinates me.
I've always wanted to visit Chicago. There seems to be so much to do and the food looks amazing!
I would love to vist New york! Because I live in New Zealand and it's kind of a talked about destination Happy I would love to pretend I'm from the upper east side for a day wearing preppy outfits to amaze. The next I would be kickin' it in Harlem. And the day after that I would be dancing in times square. New york is so huge! For comparison our second biggest city is the size of lower Manhattan. I would eat greasy New york pizza while I watch a yankees game. I would have a hot dog at the rockefeller center while I ice skate for the first time. Then I would go shopping. And last but not least I would play football in central park like Nate Archibald Happy
The city I would most like to visit is New York City. I am in love with the architecture, the food, the people, and the theatre. New York is just a magical place that makes you feel alive and like all of your dreams can come true. It is so easy to get swept under the city's spell and fall in love. New York is such a diverse place with all of the boroughs and the hustle and bustle of Manhattan with the calm and relaxing Central Park right in the middle of it all. I have even decorated my room to recreate the feeling of New York with pictures of the Chrysler Building and 5th Avenue on one side (with posters from Broadway shows) and Central Park on the other with a flowery bedspread to complement it. New York is the place I would love to visit most, and even to have a piece of it makes me feel the magic all over again.
I would love to visit Venice (before it's underwater) I love the romantic imagery of the city. Also Italy is a strong fashion capital and since fashion/costume design is what I'm perusing in my life so going there would be a dream come true.
I would love to visit tokyo in japan, I love the kawaii, harajuku style, the culture, the food and the people. I would love sitting in a restaurant watching the people walk by! Happy
I would love to visit Paris! To be able to visit so many different wonders all in the same city would be the trip of a lifetime. I would visit the Versailles Palace, Eiffel Tower, cruise the Seine River, and probally spend a week viewing everything in the Louvre Museum! After a day of seeing the sights I would love to sit down at a great little cafe and dine on delicious desserts and mascato!

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