Snippets Issue 23 : The New York Issue

Kelly Cutrone

People's Revolution PR guru Kelly Cutrone shares her top ten career don'ts.

Kelly Cutrone

By Kelly Cutrone

  1. Don't send a resume in May hoping to get hired in the fashion business, as it's the slowest time of the year. To increase your chances, try January or August.
  2. Do not Facebook the owner of a company or any prospective boss. Or if you do, make sure you have something interesting and out-of-the-box to say that warrants her two minutes; don't just reveal that you went to college and took a resume-writing class.
  3. Don't roll your eyes. Or if you do, roll with them toward the exit sign and then head out the door.
  4. Don't expect equal rights in the workplace without being willing to do equal work, which includes transporting heavy garment bags,unloading shipments and rolling racks of clothing down New York's uneven sidewalks. People's Revolution is an equal-opportunity employer.
  5. Don't call in sick when you're not.
  6. If you're going to be a helper around the office and do things you know your boss wants done -- for me that means sweeping the floor and taking out the garbage -- don't jump up and down and give her a play-by-play each time you finish a task. She knows. Don't underestimate her radar in her own environment.
  7. Do not try to re-create your family at work.
  8. Do not overemphasize your nationality or gender as a way of making a point.
  9. Do not think your boss owes you anything other than your paycheck.
  10. And finally, don't cry in the office. Ever. If you have to cry, go outside.


AMEN! "People's Revolution is an equal-opportunity employer."

I love kelly, she knows her stuff. I never missed an episode of her show. ;) Her life is so exciting/fascinating.
love Kelly Catrone I think she is soooo awesome
agreed, its 10 tips everyone needs to know about the office and the design business as well, newspapers, magazines

want to apply August is the time

winter is super slow
that so true.

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