Snippets Issue 23 : The New York Issue

The Ramones

Hey Ho Lets Go! A step-by-step guide to The Ramones style.

The Ramones

As this issue is all about New York, why don’t we sit back, relax and go back to the 1970's where the era of punk was born?! Imagine you are in New York's hard-thrashing punk club, CBGB with the likes of Patti Smith, The Dead Boys, Blondie, The Dictators and the one and only (drum roll please) RAMONES! While The Clash and The Sex Pistols were punking up our world and jabbing Britain with their safety pins and left-wing politics, The Ramones were doing their cool, calm and collected thing in New York. I mean come on! They are seen as one of the first ever punk bands! Plus with their loud but not typical “we’re so angry let's scream and slur the word bollocks all the way through the chorus”, Ramones will always remain one of the most iconic bands in music history. However, not only did Ramones make punk what it is today and live and breathe the New York vibe but along with that came their simple style. With this guide you’ll be sure to look like a member of The Ramones in no time.

Step 1

The most important thing when it comes to The Ramones look is the black leather jacket. The jackets are probably the first thing you will notice every time you see a picture of Joey Ramone (or maybe you might notice his awesomely shaggy hair). You can either stud the jacket, patch it or even leave it plain but just don’t forget it.

Step 2

Now we’re onto the versatile t-shirts that The Ramones always rocked with either a logo or was plain black or white. You can either go for those other two options or wear your love to Dee Dee Ramone with pride by wearing a simple striped tee.

Step 3

The Ramones literally wore blue denim jeans all the time but they added a bit of edge to the blue denim. For instance, Johnny Ramone didn’t just wear blue denim jeans, he cut them without a care in the world. So get your jeans and rip them with attitude.

Step 4 (optional)

Cool pair of black shades, what more can I say?

Step 5

Last but not least, the thing that is key to the Ramones look is a pair of Chuck Taylors. You can wear black, blue, red or purple... wear whatever colour you want so long as they're scruffy and inhumanely battered up.

Well, that’s the end of tracing your mind back to 1970s, but before I forget, I have to tell you guys to go and listen to The Ramones!

Which bands would you like to steal the style of?


no one who is ACTUALLY into punk should need a step-by-step on how to dress. It it not cool for anyone who is in the scene to see a poser dress up to something they are not. i despise this step-by-step especially from anyone who knows who the New York Dolls, Dead Boys or Patti Smith. bandwagon hipsters are not the business, besides its about the music and the lifestyle the community not dressing up to look "cool". I much rather see someone dress "normal" and be into the music rather someone dress the scene and know NOTHING about the music or lifestyle.
I started singing The Blitzkreig Bop when I saw this XD
One of my favorite bands Happy
I would like to steal Taylor's style , frome The Pretty Reckless band .. but I also love The Ramones and I use that kind of look almost all the week
classic rock look
Hey ho Lets GO! Love The Ramones.

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