Snippets Issue 23 : The New York Issue

Harley Quinn

We chat to New York's ultimate Gotham girl, Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, formerly Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a supervillan from Gotham City. Best friend to Poison Ivy and on/off girlfriend to the Joker, Harley sure gives Batman a run for his money. We caught up with the comic book star and her pet hyenas to find out how she getting on with her life of crime in the big city!

Hey Harley, how's it hanging?
By the neck until dead. Hah! Little jailhouse humor for ya there. That gag always gets screams around the Arkham rec room.

Those are some pretty snazzy threads you're wearing, did you make them yourself?
The first Harley suit I threw together out of some odds and ends I stole from a costume shop. After messing around with a thread and needle, I got so that I could stitch together duplicate suits myself. All it takes is spandex and patience.

What other super-vilaness accessories have you crafted for yourself?
Anything can be an accessory as long as you cover it with red and black diamonds. The only real hassles involving my outfit are the black and red pixie shoes and gloves. Because they are different colors, I always have to make more than I need, and by "make," I mean steal.

How would you describe your style?
I'd say my current style is a post-modern take on the gun moll chic of the 60's BATMAN series, with classic pin-up artist overtones, Elvgrin, Petty, Timm, y'know, those guys.

"In many ways, I'm just like everyone else - wake up, feed the hyenas..."

Can you describe a typical day in the life of Harley?
In many ways, I'm just like everyone else - wake up, feed the hyenas, an hour of cardio (gotta keep in Bat-blasting shape, of course) followed by some hang time with my BFFs, Selina and Pammie. It's never long until something interesting happens, an attack from a one-time ally, a run-in with the Bat-crew, or someone driving a SWAT van through my front door. Goofy stuff like that seems to happen to me at least once a month. I just try to roll with it.

Where are your favourite Gotham hangouts?
Bank vaults, jewelry stores, the gold exchange, any place a girl's imagination can wander.

After a hard night's work, what's your favorite snack and can you share the secret recipe?
I keep it simple, Oreos and Mountain Dew. That's good for those 24 hour and longer hero fighting sessions when you need a fast energy fix. Of course the crash is kinda nasty...