Snippets Issue 23 : The New York Issue

Paper Doll

Make a doll and win the Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer.

Paper Doll

We've got five copies of The Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer up for grabs. The book is filled with gorgeous paper dolls, backgrounds and clothes to dress them up in.

How to enter:

Download the Violaine paper doll below, cut her out, dress her up and take your photo with her. You could even draw her some new clothes if you're feeling creative. Post the photo below and you'll be in with a chance of winning the book!

Competition closes on April 30th.

Congratulations to our winners emma :), Kimberly L, Natasha B, Luz and Jenny B.

Click on the pages below to get the PDFs.


HI! I thought since I live very close to the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, this would be the perfect setting for Violaine to visit and for us to be photographed! What a fun project this was! =)
Small poe black apple send 1304138957
this is the second outfit up close
Small imag0195 1303802171
here is a picture of the first outfit up close
Small imag0194 1303802103
this is my second outfit
Small paperdoll entry1 1303801680
OK here is my first outfit for her, she looks so cute in this one ^_^
Small paper doll etry2 1303801619
Another picture for you to see the details clearly. Happy
Small untitled truecolor 01 1303714862
I came out with 2 sets of clothes for Violaine. A navy blue dress for her outdoor adventures. This dress comes with pockets which is handy for her to store extra films. A string of braided leather is attached to her camera. To top it all is the maroon hat which is useful when the weather is harsh.

A green casual dress with crocheted lace collar. This dress is suitable for attending informal events and parties. On her head is a gold ribbon, a simple accessory to complete her look.

Small untitled truecolor 02 1303714808
photo of Violaine.
Small violane2 1302812671
My printer is broke down, so i decided to draw Violaine. I didn't want to cut her out, because i worked my butt to draw her and the clothes. ;p
Hope you like it.
I had fun while making this supergirl......... I loved what i did...............!!!!!!!!!!
Almost twins!!!!
Small dsc 0003b 1302725499
I cut Violaine out, but when I turned my back she tried to abscond with one of my CDs!
Small paperdoll 1302339552
The pictures were so cute that I couldn't figure what I wanted to put her in so I made it into a piece of art for a friend. I can't wait to see the rest of the book if I get a copy. Here's a shot of the framed picture. Happy
Small image024 1302303931
I will try and upload a pic again, hope it works this time! This book looks so awesome, Totally great to look at!
#3 "Violaine and I..
Small 102 1302277098
Small 101 1302276949
Hi there! My name is Natasha and I sure would like to win a book! Ive got three pics for you: My brainstorm, the doll and her new stuffs and Us!!! Thank you (crosses fingers) Good luck everyone...
Small 100 1302276833
Here's my picture. I don't have a printer so i brought Violaine into photoshop and gave her some new clothes. Then got a picture of my niece and myself inside a playhouse and placed Violaine into the pisture with us. Love it. Hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it.x
I don't have a printer at home, but I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do!! =)

Wanted you to know I posted a link to this article today on my blog.

Nancy Ward
The pic did't upload! eek! here it is: Happy
I used Violaine's description to create a perfect room for her to be- Her photography developing room, with pictures hung up on the wall and a cup of tea with lots of sugar! I also made a new outfit for her and I dyed her hair too! I made all this and then I had to work out how to get me in the picure too- so look at the developing photos and you will see! (had to borrow my dads computer skills!)I hope you like this, I had alot of fun making it! XXX

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