Snippets Issue 19 : The Glitz & Glam Issue

Tarina Tarantino

Queen of sparkle, Tarina Tarantino chats to us about her business, her passions and everything that glitters.

Tarina Tarantino

"I have made jewelry since I was little. It was always my creative expression", explains Tarina Tarantino, a jewelry designer famed for her use of bright colors, sparkles and ornate details. "Our brand was born in the mid nineties which was the height of minimalism. It’s a time that I hope never returns to fashion; it was boring and made it difficult to express a unique point of view.  It seemed that our pieces struck a chord in girls that were looking for something colorful and unique."

"I enjoy collaborating with brands and characters that I organically love."

Originally working as a model and makeup artist in Paris and Los Angeles, Tarina decided to turn her hobby and passion in to a full-time job. "Owning a successful fashion brand means learning how to navigate and manoeuvre through risks and challenges.  Everyday there is a new challenge and big decisions usually mean taking a risk." The risks paid off big time, and today, her line is collaborating with such iconic brands as Hello Kitty and Barbie. "We were pioneers in collaborations and co brands and were approached by many brands before we did our first collaboration with Hello Kitty 8 years ago. I enjoy collaborating with brands and characters that I organically love."

"I like to describe it as "makeup as accessories."

Branching out from jewellery and fashion, Tarina has just launched a new cosmetics line which is available exclusively through Sephora. "I always wanted to release a makeup line; it was my original goal before we started the cosmetics line because of my love of color, my sparkling world and my history as a former makeup artist. The formulations are serious performers and the packaging is sophisticated but playful too.I like to describe it as "makeup as accessories"."

"It is surreal, and incredible... Every detail was perfect."

Every little girl's dream come true, Mattel released a limited edition Barbie doll of Tarina, complete with her signature accessories and pink hair. "It is surreal, and incredible. When the sample of the finished doll arrived at my office I was overwhelmed. It took a year to create the doll with the Mattel doll team, and it was so much fun to work with them. Every detail was perfect."

Describing her style as "Curiouslynostalgiclyplayful", we wondered where Tarina finds her inspiration from. "I am inspired by everything around me, books, music, and my daughters and traveling. I am a collector of curiosities; my office is full cute things, toys, and art. I love to paint and collage with my daughters in our art studio." With such a busy schedule, we asked how she loves to spoil herself in her time off. "I enjoy taking long hikes through the beautiful Hollywood Hills where I live. It’s the perfect place to relax, clear my head and become inspired. I would love to travel more with my family."

"It’s all a matter of where my creativity wants to take me and it’s all about living the sparkling life!"

Tarina finished by telling us what the future holds for her and her business. "I want to expand into more categories. I would love to do a line of hosiery and a line of sunglasses. I have some plans for a very limited home collection that is going to be collaborating with an amazing designer and dear friend Jared Gold that will come out for Holiday. I think the possibilities are endless. It’s all a matter of where my creativity wants to take me and it’s all about living the sparkling life!"

Find out more about Tarina and pick up some of her gorgeous accessories on her website.


love the barbie
wow i'd never heard of this person OR her fashion ever before now... and i'm suddenly in love!
love your work!

check out this link to polyvore!!!!

it's a set i made of u!!!!
love your work!

check out this link to polyvore!!!!

it's a set i made of u!!!!
this is so cool!!
haha, saw the Barbie in a shop in Singapore airport and didn't know it was her. Later I found out, and wish I had buyed her. :/
Love Tarina Tarantino and her adorable jewellery. Happy
I love her work.She's one of my big fashion inspirations
I love your hair! It is amazing! And the barbie is so cute!
If I could only make jewelry like her's! Her stuff fascinates me and I love how she uses colors.
Great article! I love that Barbie! Squee!!
I adore all the jewellery she makes, especially the Hello Kitty part! I'm hoping to have some Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty jewels one day ^_^. She's such an inspiration.
Tarantino is a great inspiration!
Aww I love your hair!
I have the Barbie shes lovely!
wish i had barbie tarantino Happy
OMG Love the Barbie Tarantino ..

Sylvette Marie

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