Snippets Issue 19 : The Glitz & Glam Issue

Top 10 Tools

Mark Montano's list of the top ten crafting tools to have around the house!

Top 10 Tools

You know how you're making something and you're almost there and then you don't have a tool to help you finish it or to make it easier? Well, I've come up with a list of the 10 things you MUST have in your craft arsenal to make sure you're never stuck with an unfinished project! Call it your TOP TEN TERRIFIC TOOLS FOR TINKERING or your Clever Craft Cache... either way, make sure you have these on hand!


  1. Glues: we’re talking a hot glue gun, GOOP Household Glue, E-6000 and Elmer’s White School Glue, you know the basic stuff that you’ve used your whole life!
  2. Sharpie permanent markers: these will write on most any surface so keep them around. I like to use them on metal.
  3. Good Scissors for paper and fabric: invest in your fabric scissors. I like Fiscars, but there are other brands out there. For paper, it’s good to have several pairs. Try the 99c store. I use mine for everything.
  4. Old magazines and newspapers: you need these to keep your work area clean, for paper mache and for inspiration. You can always use some paper around.
  5. Craft Knife: X-acto, box cutters, you know what I’m talking about! Super sharp and ready to cut almost anything!
  6. Needle Nose Pliers: super for picking up tiny things and using small wire.
  7. Tape: painters tape, masking tape, transparent tape. You need them all! Have plenty around for your projects.
  8. Clothespins wood and plastic: hit the dollar store for these. They are great little clamps for holding things together while they dry. The wooden clothespins are perfect for projects and gluing around and on things to give them a very hand made feel.
  9. Sandpaper: I like to scrape smooth items before I add glue to them, and a little sandpaper is perfect for scoring. The rough surface it gives will give the glue something to stick to.
  10. Water based clear latex: I like to coat everything I make in latex for protection.

Check out more from Mark or pick up a copy of his new book, The Big Ass Book of Home Decor at his website.


large format scanner
3d printer
hey I cqn dreamnright
I've got the supplies, now I need to get busy making a "Craft Arsenal" case to hold it all!
I think the thing I couldn't live without (craft-wise) is mod podge. It can be used for so much stuff!
HA! I have all this stuff. I feel proud myself. ^_^

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