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gwenives · Newbridge, Kildare, IE · 19 projects
hey Shelby, where abouts are you from? i get my shoes from a store called pennys, because the shoes arent that high they dont really sell so they go down to about 3 euro everynow and again but they are normanlly 9 euro Happy which still isnt that bad compaired to the real price of the shoes(120 euro) Happy im never lucky in second hand stores but you could prob find stuff there Happy
Zombie Ate My Make Up
Zombie Ate My Make Up · London, GB · 26 projects
Thanks so much for your comment on my sugar skull make up. I actually made the fascinator I'm wearing in the pic! Check out my FB page for similar items Happy

DorkSide · Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GB · 4 projects
I'm so lame, I don't even know how to reply to a comment on my project :/

But the shoes!! I bought them from a shoop in York in a closing down sale. They're made by a brand called "Underground"