Snippets Issue 19 : The Glitz & Glam Issue

Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter

Win a copy of the Crafty Chica's new craft novel.

Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter

By Snippets

We've got three copies of the Crafty Chica's new craft novel Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter up for grabs!

About the book:

Struggling domestic-goddess-in-training Ofy is determined to turn heads at this year's International CraftOlympics. To do that, she'll need the help of her best friend, Star. Considering herself a serious artist, Star is hesitant, but finally agrees to help as a way to end her own creative slump. Truthfully she thinks Ofy is a little loca about the whole craft thing - and about her idol: Local TV personality, Crafty Chloe. Star doesn't trust the bottle-blonde, even after she becomes part of their crafting team. As the competition heats up, Star will learn Chloe's dirty little secret, why crafting means so much to Ofy, and that beauty, art, and creativity can take many more forms than a canvas hanging in a gallery.

How to enter:

All you glitter lovers have to do for a chance of winning is leave a comment below, telling us your best tip for adding a bit of glitz and glam to your life. Good luck!

Congratulations to our winners K-Li, Autonomous & Mallory Howard .

For more about Kathy, or to pick up a copy of her book, check out her website Crafty Chica.


I love smering glitter all over my face.....I also use it to cover all my notebooks with it.....
if you want to add a bit of glitz and glam to your life then go outside on a windy day and throw a handful of glitter into the sky this is one of the most beautiful things in the world and it is really peaceful watching all the glitter transform your boring lawn into a sparkly master piece
when I have a shirt with a stain I just outline it in glitter add a few more circles of sparkle and now my stained shirt is a new piece of my warddrobe and always gets raves
I have a couple of pairs of self glittered heels i made when for days when u really need that sparkle in your night.
I put a clear coat on my nails and dip the tips into a pile of glitter for diy glitter tips!
I like to keep double sided tape around so that I can apply it to almost anything and sprinkle a little glitter and voila! A little double sided tape and glitter can revamp just about anything!
glitz and glam? oh where to start! I go nuts when i see something bright and sparkly! One thing I'm notorious for is clipping costume jewelry earrings to my shoes/hair bands/scarves etc etc. Another favorite is making rockabilly petticoats with sparkle tulle and wearing them under otherwise boring dresses. So fun!
I love glittery nails, especially toes plus I add glitter to my fimo creations to give them a bit of extra sparkle Happy Also glitter glue is a great invention. I've got one that dries clear but you just see the glittery bits when the light shines on it Happy
i love glitter on my nails and on my face (like sparkling eyeshadow)-it breaks the bordom of looking normalHappy
i wear glitter on a daily basis. the best way to apply it to the eyes is to use a little vaseline swept across the first half of your eyelid (from tearduct out) and do the same on the bottom just under your lash line. it helps the glitter to stay in place. or if you really want it to stay put - i sometimes use eyelash glue in the same way.
my boyfriend tells me that "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies" as after he comes to visit it always seems to follow him home! I love stickles (squeeze on glitter glue) its a really clean and sharp way to add detailed glitz to my crafties!
I'm adding a bit a glitz to my soul when I gaze at all my crafting stuff... when with sparkling eyes I start a new project. I try to glitterize my life with crafty glitz! I guess it's a way of life for me.
I think I was just born with glitter running through my veins!
I love glitter! On everything! My fav has to be on cakes, who doesn't love cupcakes, AND sparkles! xxx
You could make a design on your face with some type of face glue and then sprinkle glitter all over it, and wear it out and about in town.
I use glitter to decorate the tips of my nails..I love the sparkle they have when I type and the light shines in on them.
Anything that's dull or slightly boring I add glitter to. Like my computer monitor, straightner, journal, glasses, cigar boxes, etc.
Anythiong that needs a little life. Happy
Pour a little sparkling water or seltzer into your morning fruit juice; gets your day started with a little sparkle on the inside ;-)
I wear a glittery eyeliner and sparkly earrings. I also put things around my room and wear things that reflect and catch the light because I do not always get to see the beautiful sun. It is my own way of bringing in a little sunlight and happiness to my everyday life.
Not totally a glitter girl but when I'm going out I use a body lotion with sparkle in it, it makes me feel so much better about myself! Happy
the inspiration for my most recent glitzy project was my recent cruise to Alaska. As I sat an watched the ocean with its choppy waves I realized that I could replicate it by using watered silk and embroidering waves with metallic thread and seed beads. It turned heads when I wore it
My favorite way to add a bit of Glitz & Glam to my daily Life is to add glitter and confetti to random pages of my magazines and books just as soon as I bring them home from the book seller. I'm always tickled pink when I sit down with a cup of tea and open a mag or book and the Fairy Dust comes tumbling out!
when I want to add glitter to something without making a big mess I spray glitter hairspray that you can get really cheep at Halloween on whatever project I'm working on. it sticks great but before it drys you can wipe it up with a damp cloth. no mess ^^
My favourite way is to always look different to everyone else. When i go to school i cover my blazer in badges and paper clips! No one else ever looks like me then.
glitter resin rings!! my favie. a bit of sparkle and inspiration during longs days at school and work.
I make bath bombs and always add glitter to these. Glitter in the bathtub is like being in a magickal sparkly sea!
I loooove the glitter glue on fabric and tulle. I was in line behind a little man buying tons of glitter to send on a mission to 3rd world children. Made my heart feel good.
I loooove the glitter glue on fabric and tulle. I was in line behind a little man buying tons of glitter to send on a mission to 3rd world children. Made my heart feel good.
For a cute necklace, buy a glitzy button (one with a shank works best) at the nearest craft store! Get a nice satin or velvet ribbon, and thread the button onto it. Tie, and viola! This is actually what I did for prom this year!
I used to have bottles and bottles of standard glitter, until a horrible accident, which caused all of them to get mixed up into one giant bin of multi colored glitter. I occasionally sprinkle this onto projects or myself with a lil bit of glue.

However, one Christmas, I discovered glue with glitter in it, and have now started adding it to everything just about. It doesn't come off on everything, and you can create very straight lines using the glue. I love it!
I love to add pink jewels to my t-shirts with a heat setting tool. There is just never enough pink!!
i love using edible glitter.. happily knowing my insides are as glittery as my outsides! Tongue
I like adding glitz and glam into my personal style in subtle ways, like nail polish or hair accessories, but with crafting it's no holds barred! My craft studio generally looks like a fairy exploded in it.
Love Glitz and Glam! Where have I been? So many tips and good reading. That is why I want to win a copy of this book. My best tip: Have teenagers to inspire you. My granddaughters are beautiful and they always appreciate glitz and glamour!
The best way to add a bit of glitz and glam into my life is glitter... everywhere. And I mean everywhere. On my clothes, jewelery and even pillow cases. But just don't wear all your glittery stuff at once of your friends will have to wear sunglasses! Happy
I glitter up my life by making things go from dull or semi shiny to eye catching and overwhelmingly glittery by using a good ol' glitter kit and applying a sealant to anything that might rub off its supper easy and makes everything dazzle lol *bling bling*
I mix a little bit of glitter with Vaseline and rub very little on my exposed parts (like arms & neck if I am wearing legs if I am wearing shorts) makes me shine a little
glittery lotion: sqeezing a tube of body glitter into your fav lotion
Use glitter when you paint! Nothing makes a painting pop more than a little sparkle.
Re make any boring or old jewelry with a hint of glitter to give them a new lease of life and more wearability.
put the glitter on your neck and on nail polish for a beautiful effect!
I like to write all my school notes in a dark glittery pen. It makes something that was otherwise boring into something fun and fantasy like.
The best way to add glitz & glam in your life is just Smiling. Smile when you look in the mirror, smile when you're walking down the street. If you smile, the whole world will smile back at you!
When I want to go out I put very fine glitter into my shampoo and conditioner to make my hair sparkly!
I pick a colour and theme my day around it- clothes, make up, maybe even what pen I use or what flavour drink I buy. It just brightens things up and makes me feel styled with minimal effort.
Put on your most favouritest outfit/dress, accessorize accordingly, then accessorize some more!! Make up your face to enhance your best feature. Listen to your favorite song/album, or watch your favorite movie/show to get you pumped and in a good mood. Confidence built, head out and get to showstopping. Happy

CO+K User
So my tip is fined a little brother or sister or niece or nephew etc. and take in their glittery personality's

CO+K User
I'm not that much of a sparkly chic but my dally dose of sparkle and glitter comes from my 6 year old sister Olivia shes the sparkliest girl I know in more ways then one!
Whenever you have a boring shirt-button-downs, tees, anything!- take a thread and some sparkly seed beads and add little splashes of color and sparkle in little flowers, bursts, lines- the sky's the limit! It'll always spruce up any outfit!
Whenever you have a boring shirt-button-downs, tees, anything!- take a thread and some sparkly seed beads and add little splashes of color and sparkle in little flowers, bursts, lines- the sky's the limit! It'll always spruce up any outfit!
When i want a glitter fueled makeup look, i mix a pinch(or a handful!) of glitter into a bit of liquid base/lotion and apply librally above the eyes. It's especially nice as you don't nessesarily have to put a base color first, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be Happy
You can also apply a streak of washable glue stick above your eye and brush or tap the glitter over the area. I use clear tape to mask off the glittery area when i want it higher on the eye area. You can eve make stencils out of paper for small glittery beauty marks on cheeks.
Hello,just wanted to drop a quick ♥Snippet♥...To make an ordinary greeting card even better..Just apply glue to the sections you want to stand out..Next, apply your choice of glitter, shake shake off the excess..Now, you have a personalized card not just an ordinary one...That's all for now..KitKat89 ☺
I just love glitter everywhere, I decorate with it, wear it, and us it as much as possible in my classroom!
I gather my odd bits of lace, ribbon and sequins and create a 'one off' matching headband to whatever I am wearing that day...always makes me feel glam!
By wearing as many different coloured items at once. Accompanied with numerous accessories aswell. With a touch of rainbow coloured hair ;)
Take old glittery gel pens and break the inner tube into a sink full of water. Drop some paper into it and hang it up to dry. When it's ready, you'll have beautiful glittery paper for free!
I cover my lashes with glitter on their tips,to add a little of sparkle to my eyes Happy
I have my glitter collection lined up next to my PC, and every now and then I look over and get mesmerized Happy
My favourite way of adding glitz and glam is using sparkly eyeshadow, or face glitter ^-^

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