Snippets Issue 19 : The Glitz & Glam Issue

Glitzy Decor

Add glitz & glam to your party without breaking the bank.

Glitzy Decor

I love party planning. If you’re like me or just like helping others out, one of the most important elements for a successful party is to set the right mood.

Considering this, decorations and lighting play the biggest role, and trying to provide the best may become quite costly unless you use your creativity and learn to see different objects in a new light.

I will provide a few examples of simple decorations that will add glitz and glam to any party, without burning a hole in your wallet, or taking up too much of your time.

The key to these decorations is sparkle and shine! The more reflective decorations you have at your party, the more they enhance the lighting and mood.

If you’d like to quickly alter the lighting, a simple thing to do is to use little strung up LED lights (avoid “holiday” looking ones), change a few of the bulbs to colour tinted ones, or place photography gels (plastic-type sheets of different tints) in front of or around the light you'd like to change.

To have a party is to think of all the guests. Dedicate one area to chilling out by having a cool blue or soft pink tint to help guests relax. Next, if you’d like to have a high energy area, strong reds, yellows and multi-coloured lights/decorations induce excitement.

Here are some examples of light reflective decorations that you can make yourself:

Hanging decorations:

Metallic Hangings

Cut shapes out of scrap cardboard and back it with translucent/metallic paper. Finish it off by attaching it to a glittery ribbon.
They’re great to hang near spotlights because they reflect light from the metallic paper, or flash multi-colours throughout the space from the translucent gels.

Another simple option is to string metallic origami, metallic beads or reflective glass stones to a glittery ribbon. They will move around while the guests move around and sparkle in the light, giving the guests a feeling of twilight.

Finally, hanging scrap fabric with added glitz to them will give the atmosphere a glamorous feel.

Table decorations:

Just as the main lighting is important, the smaller details and decorations play a big role in parties. They may not seem very important, but they certainly show your guests how important they are to you and the amount of effort that was put in to the event.

Centrepieces or other table additions are great to give a warm and inviting feeling. If you decorate them with materials that mirror the hanging decorations, it helps tie a theme together.

Some very simple and fun pieces are random glass vases, tea lights or even bowls filled with any number of things, like water, stones, flowers, fabric and toys.

Glitzy Tealights

Tea lights are inexpensive and add a warm glow to any area. 
One interesting way to decorate tea light holders is to decorate them with sequins. Choose any glass holder for the tea light, decorate with sequins (attach with glue or double-sided tape) and you’re done. 
If you use metallic sequins, they reflect the light very nicely, and for extra shimmer, place several tea lights in a small group.

If you would like something bigger than little tea light holders, use glass vases or bowls. 
In order to decorate them but also have the option of returning them to their original state, tie colourful ribbons on the outside and place tea lights inside at the bottom. The light will enhance the ribbon detail.

If you want to add more colour to the decor, fill vases with water and shiny sequins. For added glitz, surround the vase with tea lights and metallic stones. With so many reflective decorations, it’s sure to catch attention.

Metallic Stones

Metallic stones are inexpensive, versatile decorations that are easy to make. Purchasing glass stones or figures with one flat edge is best. All you have to do is add glue (that dries clear) on any sparkly/decorative paper, then place the glass object on top. Leave overnight to dry, then cut off the excess. 
If you have metallic paint, that works just as well.

A personal favourite is origami. It’s fun to make and great for guests of any age.
To make a stylish piece using origami, metallic paper is best. 
If you’d like to bring some interactive fun to your guests, fill a vase with gold and silver paper planes. 
They are visually interesting, and allow the guests to play like children again.

Finally, some fun decorative items are wine /champagne glasses, or any glasses being used at the party. Fill a few with bright sequins, beads or other glittery items, add ribbon to the stem and leave them in random places for intrigue and colour.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, fill them with crystal objects, satin / silky fabric and ribbons. 
If you want a fun look, combine little toys, like tiny teddy bears or dolls.

With just a few inexpensive purchases and leftover materials from around the home, you can create a fantastic party fit for the stars.

Got some of your own glitzy decor tips? Share your project now >>


Thank you all for the feedback! I'm so happy to see you like the ideas!
wow ! niceeeeeee Happy
wow ! niceeeeeee Happy
I love it all! Getting married in Sept, and these really give me some ideas. Happy
the teddys in the wine glasses look so cool!
i also LOVE the decoration where you put water in the cup and add sequins!
the teddys in the wine glasses look so cool!
i also LOVE the decoration where you put water in the cup and add sequins!
I love the tealight idea. I've been looking for ways to glam up my room on a daily basis, and that's perfect! (especially considering that it's purple & silver, just like the tealights in this picture!) Happy
I love the colors!
Thanks, I'm planning wedding centrepieces right now and the glitter in the water is a fantastic touch to enhance my floating candles.
wooow this is cool , love it, so simple and so easy to do, with such a big result. awesome!!!
the pics are so nice to look at
all those colors Happy
Love the bears on a cristal glass

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